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Kristen R: One down, 11 to go

It’s day No. 31 of making running a daily habit in 2013. One month down, 11 to go. My partners in this daily challenge deserve shout outs, too. One is currently writing through the dark days of winter, telling her … Continue reading

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KHP – Mantra

I cannot pin point exactly when this began but I seem to have a mantra – “This is my life and no one else has to live it but me.” It is a little reminder for me when I start … Continue reading

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Dealing with the “D” Words

Last week, my post was written from the depths. I’m impressed that I was able to write at all. I don’t want to be cavalier about depression, so I want to follow up and present some of the facts … Continue reading

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Kristen R: February Challenge Fun

The thing about saying you’re going to do something every day is that you are absolutely accountable. At least, you are if you’re me and you say it out loud. To actual people. Especially the kind that will hold you … Continue reading

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KHP – Test Print Complete

Well here it is, the moment you all have been waiting for, my first print (kind of) complete.  I pulled my test print this morning in my kitchen while Matt and the kids snuggled and watched a movie.  I did … Continue reading

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On Writing and Truth

I have one main goal in all of my writing. There’s a scene in the graphic novel Maus, Volume II where Art Spiegelman is complaining to his wife about all the challenges of his complex writing/drawing project, and she replies, … Continue reading

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Kristen R: The good (because I’ve already shared bad and ugly)

Over the course of any given week, I have at least 87 different topics I want to write about. I email myself these ideas when they strike: while cooking dinner; walking to my car; before I pull out of the … Continue reading

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