KHP – Journal

KHP - Ice Storm 2

KHP – Ice Storm 2

So the excitement of the week has dulled and I settle in to discuss the last few days. As I tip tap away on my laptop, my 5 year old is coughing away in her room trying to fall into a deep slumber.  The brief week of spring like weather is gone and winter has taken hold again.    It is a strange duality of winter.  It is the time of year I feel the coziest and coldest at the same time.  Without those moments of freezing ice pellets finding their way down the neck of your jacket we would not appreciate the warmth of our favorite chair.

This week we had an ice storm and it motivated me to rush out to document the scene.  Ice storms have their own duality, encasing nature in a beautiful and destructive layer of shimmering light. I was also motivated by a photo that should have been.  Almost 10 years ago we had a similar storm on Thanksgiving.  My hubby and I were rushing around trying to gather us to make the 3-hour trip for our turkey day feast.  I rushed out the back to take the garbage out before we left for the week.  It had been unseasonably warm before the storm hit and my roses had bloomed.  With trash bag in hand I stopped short of my garbage can destination.  These robust pink buds were encased in a thick layer of ice.  Family was waiting, there was still so much to do before we had to leave and traveling would be treacherous. In my short sited stress in that moment, I grabbed my bags, shoved them in the car, hopped in the passenger seat and we sped off.  I never took the minute or two to document this amazing moment, something I may never see again.  This week, I was not going to let that happen again.  I found some beautiful images but it was not quite my frozen bloom.

KHP - Winter Grass in stream

KHP – Winter Grass in stream

KHP - Orchid  Bloom with digital camera

KHP – Orchid Bloom with Mamiya, instant film (Polaroid but Fuji bought the technology now)

This week I have continued my carving at a tortoise like pace; it is the nature of the process.  I have drawn flowers, snakes and sketched out other ideas.  I painted a mess of boxes for the fun of it and trotted around the park documented the storm.  Inspired by Claire’s “bruised bloom”, I photographed my Orchid; which surprised me with a new bloom. I even pulled out my Mamiya and did a few emulsion lift transfers (no Hipstamatic app but the real deal).  I have had the instant film sitting in the studio since last spring.

I was excited to scroll through all I have accomplished this week but found myself frustrated with the lack of a completed big project.  I am trying to take my own advice, the advice and guidance that I shared with my students.  Slow down, research, investigate, notice the little details, the perfect imperfections of nature, write, think and document it all in your journal.  This is the stage I am in now and I must embrace it.  The important thing is I am filling my journal with new ideas, too many to accomplish in one year and we are only a few weeks into the project.  I need to remember without cold you cannot feel warm, without frustration you cannot feel elation.

KHP - Orchid Emulsion Transfer

KHP – Orchid Emulsion Transfer


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3 Responses to KHP – Journal

  1. wwwmama says:

    Nice! Great advice to students and yourself. I love your photography.

  2. Kristen R. says:

    I love these shots! And I agree with Claire – good advice for everyone.

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