KHP – The Deep Freeze

KHP - from the top of a ridge

KHP – from the top of a ridge

The weather has been wretched; we actually had a high of 18 degrees the last two days.  I realize the middle of the country has had worse weather with colder temperatures and snow but I am just not used to the cold.  I really don’t mind the 20’s and 30’s but when it starts dipping into the teens I feel like a Popsicle stuck to its wrapper.  I still found my way out the door and took LP with me.  She is five and is a snow bunny; she loves to be outside and does not mind the cold.  My 3 year old, PP, is another egg all together.  She likes to read books, she is terrified of grasshoppers and would rather sit on grandmas lap snuggled up on the couch than even consider going out in subfreezing temperatures.  So LP and I went alone leaving my little hermit with grandma.

KHP - snow bunny

KHP – snow bunny

LP likes to explore new places and is an excellent scout.  We went on a walk in a forest near our home. She pulled me up hills to find new vista and down trails to see what was around the bend. It was extremely cold and it took its toll on us both.  Logan’s curiosity kept us out a little longer than we should have stayed.  We left the trail with Logan in tears as her little hands warmed up in mine.  She told me that she would prefer to return to this fun location during the summer.  She really wanted to splash through the streams and hike further.  I thought that was a lovely idea.

KHP - Downtown in little ole C-burg

KHP – Downtown in little ole C-burg

I also made it downtown to take a few quick pictures of the some of the historic buildings.  Our downtown is an interesting little place full of wonderful shops that look horrible from the outside.  I find it interesting that we have such a wonderful community and so much to do but the aesthetics are lacking.  My theory is they are trying to camouflage the town to keep the outsiders from invading.  If they new what a blast we had we might get overwhelmed with intruders.

KHP - almost done

KHP – almost done

I was hoping to get a test print done tonight to share but you will have to wait until the 27th to see the first print pulled from the plate.  I am almost done with the linocut and I should be able to print on Saturday!

Today, I will leave you with a photo documentation of my work this week.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

KHP - random lines

KHP – random lines

KHP - Perfect Imperfections of nature.  My work here is done:)

KHP – Perfect Imperfections of nature. My work here is done:)

KHP - dress up and makeup can be frighting

KHP – dress up and makeup can be frighting

KHP - more random lines

KHP – more random lines


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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, athlete, wife and mom of two beautiful girls. Trying to make it daily.
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4 Responses to KHP – The Deep Freeze

  1. wwwmama says:

    Cute snow bunny! I too feel like a popsicle. Great description!

  2. Kristen R. says:

    Great shots! I love the comparison of your girls. Can’t wait to see the final product on the 27th. You have been very productive, my friend.

  3. khpixler says:

    Thanks! I am happy I was able to keep up with my self imposed deadline, it actually has been a rough week. I think next week might be worse so the 27th might be a highlight before a pitfall but I will still make it happen. Woop bring it.

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