KHP – Adieu January

KHP - I hear a training a comin, comin down the bend.

KHP – I hear a training a comin, comin down the bend.

We close our first month of an exciting project and commitment to one another.  It is so strange how the project has evolved and my daily perception has changed in this short time.  It was a hard start, stressing out about how I was going to fit this in or if I would make art worthy of posting, if I was going to let my blog-mates down, what if KHP writes nonsensical mindless babble, what if we get sick, what if we get injured, what if we are painfully depressed or just burned out.  All of those things occurred and each of us stepped, hopped, leapt or plowed through the obstacle.  We need to take a moment to absorb that.

Tonight was a perfect example of how my perception has changed. The girls are finally resting in their beds tucked away for another subzero night in central PA.  I have comps still to work on and a project to complete for my online course but I have my blog to do, my Fab Ab workout, and a little yoga scheduled.  Rather than stressing out about what I need to accomplish or debating whether I have time for my workout and beating myself up for my decision I simply go into my room and start my 30-minute workout.  I could not wait to get on my yoga mat, my body needed to stretch and align.  There was no wasting time, no bad feelings, no stress just action.

KHP - Rusty fence

KHP – Rusty fence

Today, I was out running errands to prepare for a very busy weekend.  I was out a local shopping center picking up birthday presents, dry cleaning and groceries.  I pulled off for a frigid photo shoot to get my art project in for the day.  It took 10 minutes. Tomorrow I will teach in the morning and gallery sit in the afternoon and then take the girls down to the Icefest for the fireworks and ice fun.  After they go to bed I will do a quick run on the treadmill, sketch and work feverishly on my comps.

I keep a calendar similar to Claire’s but it is not an organizational calendar.  I am a techy geek and use my Google Calendar for that.  It is really a list of what I accomplished that day, it is my daily log.  I looked over this past month and I spent on average four hours a week exercising, 6 hours doing art and 6 hours writing.  That means in an entire month I spent 16 hours for myself, that is about 35 minutes a day that I set aside.  My work is still getting done, my kids are still happy, Matt still wants to shoot me sometimes when I come up with another idea but he is happy and I feel wonderful.

I should know by now that if you are diligent and keep plugging away at your goal it will be completed.  My problem is I do get overwhelmed and anxious when I have too many things converging at once.  This was a week where many things smashed together.  The online class, website comps due Tuesday, the Icefest, subbing for another teacher at the art council and the virtual Half Marathon.  I was so stressed out and I could not think straight.  What was I going to do, what should I work on first, how was all of this work going to get done?  Well, on Monday, a snowstorm hit and everyone was off, all campuses were closed.  This helped a little bit as I worked on my comps for an hour or two in the afternoon.   Next, D2L our online classroom went down for an unprecedented two days! Well, I could not work on my class so I worked on my comps every night and got ahead on that.  Wednesday night I get a text from the lead printmaker, “Kristen we need some prints for the show”.  Me “ I was just going to gallery sit, I don’t have any new work framed” Printmaker – “It does not need to be new.”  Me – “Okay, I will get it over in the morning and I will see if I have anything around the house to get a couple new prints in the show.” Agreed we both end the text messaging.  I start frantically pulling artwork off the walls and prints out of frames.  Gathering mat board from the art room and pulling my mat cutter from under the bed I get a call from my husband.  He has to stay late; the owner and the CEO want to take him out to eat after the meeting.  Great, I start the girls off on a movie, put their art supplies out and get to work on my prints.  Everything looks fairly good, I was able to get a big print of my pianist framed and my new print, which I named, Winter, will be included in the show. We eat a simple pasta and fruit dinner.  While the girls are playing puzzle and dolls I create my labels and inventory list.  I finish up quickly play on the floor with them before heading up for our nighttime regiment.

KHP - Cool textures

KHP – Cool textures

I always am amazed at how I get little reliefs when I need them to give me an extra hour for work or clarity on my priority or a push when I need to get into gear or an injury to make me remember to pace myself and warm up for goodness sakes. I am not sure whom or what it maybe but I am aware when they happen and I am thankful.  I am thankful for the gift of this blog, this challenge, this month, this change in attitude.  I am thankful for Kristen and Claire.  I can’t wait to be able to look back on February and see where we all have come.


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5 Responses to KHP – Adieu January

  1. Kristen R. says:

    So impressed with how much you juggle and get accomplished. And I love these photos!

  2. khpixler says:

    You accomplish just as much but your schedule maybe more predictable. I need to start a focused photo project this month and another print. I am just buying my time until I get these comps out to the client:) Hope you have a nice weekend without your iPhone. AHHHHH!!

  3. Brenda H. says:

    You all have the most amazing schedules to keep up with! Not sure how you do it… It’s wonderful seeing you all with families, busy schedules, and staying in touch with each other. Keep it up!

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