KHP – Notes from the Sherpa

KHP - Ice #1

KHP – Ice #1

I went off to work today with my regular load of books, computer, sketchpad, camera, lunch bag and coffee.  Somehow I seem to make it down the steps and out the door in one trip.  It has taken years of practice, strength and a delicate sense of balance to get out the door with 50lbs + spread across 6 different bags in high heel shoes.  Well, let’s be very clear they are rarely very high and as soon as the weather is right the sandals and slides are all you will see on my feet.

I often attribute my great skill in carrying way too much stuff to my high school days.  We (KR and I) did not go to a small quiet little secondary school but a mammoth monstrosity that ran a quarter mile in length packed full of Northern Virginia teenagers. The graduating classes were typically near one thousand students. Yes, this was a place where you could easily get lost in the crowd, which we used to our advantage when school lunch was staring us down.  I was very involved in the art department and had many classes in that area of the building.  Of course the art department was tucked way back in the farthest regions of the depths of the school, nowhere near my locker.  So to be on time to my classes I needed to carry my books and portfolio with me all day.  I would lug around paintings, art boxes, sculptures along with my regular academic books and supplies.  Managing that with 4,000 other kids switching classes is a feat upon itself and the administration should have recognized me for some sort of award.  I would have appreciated it and cherished the recognition.  Plus, unless I was skipping I was there on time! Just a thanks for enduring the hell of high school halls and carry a ridiculous amount of gear would have been in order.

KHP - Ice #2

KHP – Ice #2

This skill has helped me throughout many phases in my life.  It helped me, as I transitioned to college as the art student that was walking a mile across campus toting art boards and portfolios in the windiest town in the world.  I never did take flight but it was dicey at times. It was great experience when I worked as photo assistant and as a photographer.  You need to be able to maneuver large amounts of equipment through mazes of other people’s belongings without breaking their stuff or yours as quickly as you could make it happen.  It certainly has helped me juggle the children and baby gear that one requires these days.  Unfortunately the days of throwing a diaper in your purse and an extra binky are gone.  We are trapped in a societal cycle that requires an arsenal of baby gear that could only fit in a bag that is at least 3 times the size of your child.  Now this skill is serving me well as I pack up to campus with my traveling classroom as an adjunct professor.

I made it safely to the car and got in for my lovely ride to campus.  I drove about an hour to school but I only have to travel one day a week.  I look forward to the commute as it is often times my only slot during the week that I am by myself with nothing to do.  I used to listen to music, talk radio or training tutorials (ugh, sometimes my time efficiency makes me twitch).  Lately, I have just been enjoying my peace and quiet.  I spend the time thinking about ideas for my artwork or photographs I am planning.

KHP - Ice #3

KHP – Ice #3

This morning I had my camera with me as I was hoping to get an image of the river in the morning.  Unfortunately, when I got downtown, I felt entirely too much pressure to get organized for the day’s lectures.  My thought was, I would wait and catch a sunset picture of the river on my way home.  An excellent plan!

Well as I was leaving campus the light was falling quickly and the clouds were filling in.  There would be no spectacular sunset across the river tonight.  Matt called to inform me that our 5 year old has a fever and he was running late.  I quickly pulled off the road and ran around the river for 5 minutes frantically looking for something that would make a good picture.  The light was low, I had no tripod I was using a higher ISO than I like but my camera and its full sensor should be able to hold good detail and value.  I left the river thinking I did not get a single decent shot to share.   At this point my priority was getting home to the kiddos. So I happily called it good.

KHP - Ice#4

KHP – Ice#4

I was surprised looking through that I found a couple images worth sharing.  I am really enjoying finding these little gems hidden about.  I am surprised that I found them in such a rushed state. I was even happier to be home with my sick kiddos to help nurse them back to health. The girls are both not feeling well and I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for them.


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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, athlete, wife and mom of two beautiful girls. Trying to make it daily.
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8 Responses to KHP – Notes from the Sherpa

  1. wwwmama says:

    Beautiful images, and beautiful post! I love the way you describe all the carrying.

  2. Kristen R. says:

    I love that you called yourself a sherpa. I always felt like a pack-mule when trying move through the world with two little ones. It’s not so bad now, but sherpa is the perfect way to describe it. Great shots!

    • khpixler says:

      It is getting much better carrying baby gear all the time, they are not babies anymore. Now Peyton is in big girl panties and I have a clean outfit shoved in my purse. I guess I replaced the diaper bag for my camera bag, not a bad trade.

  3. Amba says:

    I came to this post literally because your title intrigued me 🙂 I remember, back in high school, one of the main reasons to get a boyfriend was because he would lug your books around while you were busy being cool. Your photographs are brilliant! Guess they totally are worth being a sherpa for 🙂

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