KHP – Glitter, Glamour and Shimmer!

kids Valentine's Day craft

KHP – Glittered

The title clearly is proof my children have hijacked my mind but further proof rest in the disaster that took place in home today.  6 years ago if you had asked me about using glitter in my art room I would have slapped you  in the head and kicked you out the door.  Violent, I know but the hazard you may reap with those miniscule metallic flakes are emotionally and physically scarring. Any experienced art teacher never ever uses glitter not only is it affects hideous and never ever comes out of your classroom but its magical powers for sucking the logic out of 14-year-old are mesmerizing and dangerous to say the least.  Today, what I thought was upon my own will I gathered art supplies to create Valentine’s with my girls.  Somehow while digging through my plethora of supplies I found silver glitter and the Elmer’s glue.  Why was that glitter even in my art supplies I cannot explain but mysteriously it was and in a glamoured state I brought the selection out for craft fun.

My daughters have both been sick and home from school for over a week.  They were finally feeling better but we kept them home one more day just to make sure they were rested and well.  I had sent them to school thinking they were better last week and the fever cycle started again so I was feeling particularly precautious.  They were both a tad bored and stir crazy so I decided to really have a fun day of baking and crafts.

I turned the corner from the art room into the kitchen with red construction paper, red and white powder pigment, scissors, glue, and a giant bottle of glitter.  I began laying out cardboard mats on the floor, sponge brushes, bowls of glue and trays that would contain the glitter and pigment.  My girls came reluctantly into the kitchen for my demo.  As soon as I shook out the glitter over the gluey heart, squeals of joy rang throughout the house.  Little hands were grabbing for containers and hearts.  After a quick and strong redirection I had them following the proper procedures to contain our glitter mess in the metal trays, at least I thought.

Heart one went off like a snap both girls completed without incident.  Then disaster, in a moment of excitement a rare mistake was made. I picked up the red pigment and gently shook the contents out on the paper.  This was not a shaker bottle but an open container.  This maneuver was seemingly safe but this demo was not for another adult, it was not just for my careful cautious 5-year-old.  No, no, my little P, my monster of mahem, my booger wiping, crayon eating, food painting 3-year-old tornado sat across with perceptive little eyes.  Her instant connection was obvious in her thrilled face. She grabbed the container and dumped red pigment across the floor, on her dress and finally on to the red paper heart.  From that moment on it was a series of glitter, glue and pigment accidents. The girls were thrilled with their creations but my kitchen floor looked like a Barbie set. I sent them to the sink as I began the long arduous process of cleaning up the disaster.

KHP - Cookie Debacle

KHP – Cookie Debacle

Most sane people would throw in the towel and call it a day especially when you were still seeing simmering flakes in every nook and cranny of your home but not I. I am fairly sure I was under some kind of glitter-induced spell when I suggested we make sugar cookies, ice and decorate them with shiny sugar balls.  Yes the sugar balls that come in a container that holds at least 5,000 little colorful, perfectly round balls that if spilled will plague your house for 100 years. Insanity!

I find myself doing all sorts of things that go against the fiber of my being.  I have bedazzled, glittered, and glammed.  I have purchased more pink, fluffy, feathery and furry objects than I care to mention. I know everything about all the Disney princesses and I have started to enjoy singing and dancing to Katy Perry.  I have obviously lost my mind or someone has stolen my brain! I have been glittered, glamoured and shimmered by two teeny little people.  They have not stolen my mind but my heart, they have asked me to step out of my comfort zone in so many ways, glitter aside.  They have pushed me to be better, stronger, more loving and more patient than I thought was humanly possible.  They are two little princesses, my Valentine’s. With love, with inspiration, and with strength I continue my years work to prove to them that you can do anything. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

KHP - Studies

KHP – Studies

KHP - Studies

KHP – Studies

KHP - Studies

KHP – Studies


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4 Responses to KHP – Glitter, Glamour and Shimmer!

  1. Kristen R. says:

    Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. You are brave — but also lovestruck, so I totally understand. I hope to get our girls together this year. They will have so much giggly fun.

  2. Amba says:

    What a wonderful way to summarize everything you feel for your girls 🙂 I’m sure they will read this years from today and scream at you for disclosing their love for Katy Perry and glitter 🙂 LOL! Happy V Day! Hope you had a glitter free one, post the crafts session 🙂

    • Kristen says:

      I am hoping to torture them with all sorts of secrets when they are teenagers:) We are almost glitter free but I am not sure if we are ever completely free the horrible stuff. It comes on girly dresses, clothes, hair ties, and toys. It plagues my poor husband. I hope you had a wonderful V Day as well.

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