KHP – The Little Things

KHP - a field near the rainbow siting.

KHP – a field near the rainbow siting.

Today was a very strange day.  I woke up a bit disoriented.  I rolled over to find I had both girls asleep next to me.  Matt had fallen asleep on the couch watching his horrible TV, Finding Bigfoot, or some other form of reality TV.  The other day I caught him watching the Amish Mafia show.  To his defense he works very hard at a stressful job and he needs and deserves a little wind down time.  He was exhausted last night as he started a new training program at a gym that is similar to Crossfit. When Matt falls asleep on the couch the girls have a sixth sense that there is space available next to me so they wakeup and sneak in under the covers to cuddle.  Usually I do wakeup when they come in but last night I was tired from a marathon day of teaching and meeting followed by dinner, putting the girls down to sleep and heading to my second life of blog challenges and freelance work.  So when my little munchkins found there way to my room I did not stir.  I was happy to find my little ones snuggled up beside me.  Matt was already in the shower getting ready for work.  The girls had a two hour delay to their pre-school which means that they go to school for an hour later in the day.  It began snowing outside and we all decided to play hooky from school and stay in for the morning.

The girls played while I did some work on the computer.  We were enjoying watching the snowfall.  The forecast said that it was going to change over to rain but it never did.   The morning clouds opened up to mid-day sun.  After lunch we headed out to run some errands.  As we were driving home the clouds began to thicken up and a heavy shadow covered our town.  We were rushing around to put groceries away and get our dance gear on when LP noticed a bolt of lightening out in the backfield.   A rumble of thunder shook the house and the sky opened up, rain. LP nervously gathered her dance gear and helped her younger sister find her tap shoes.  As a coaxed PP onto the toilet, she was getting tired, cranky and stubborn.  We raced out the door with the storm overhead.

Safely in the car we headed down the road for our regular Tuesday evening of dance and tumbling.  I had my computer stuffed in my oversized purse, a usually practice for their dance lessons.  I have accomplished great things with my hour pockets here and there.  As we continued our 20-minute journey to the studio the light began to change, the sun broke through the clouds as it continued to rain.  We were listening to music, as my girls love to do on our drives.  Over the sound of the radio I could hear a muffled murmur of excitement.  I turned down the radio and LP was blurting out incomprehensible remarks.  The only thing I could make out was the word “sky.”  I looked over to my left and a huge double rainbow was arching over the sky.  In that moment I realized I should take a picture and better yet I could take a picture as my camera was riding shotgun.  We were on a stretch of Route 11 that was full power lines, industrial parks and boxy warehouses backed by lovely farms and mountains. There was no time to search for a better location, we had to get to dance and the rainbow could disappear in a short time.  There was another line of clouds moving in to block out the sun. I was thrilled nonetheless and I quickly pulled off the road.  I was happy and proud that my girls concurred with my decision.

KHP - Just a small part of the spectacular site.

KHP – Just a small part of the spectacular site.

I hopped out of the car with my camera to try to capture the magnificent spectacle in the sky.  It was still rainy as I searched through my lens for a decent shot.  There was little around, I was standing in a low-lying parking lot of a bowling ally, across for a rectangular single floor warehouse.  Behind me was a farm but it was partially blocked by an older neighborhood.  I shot what I could and jumped in the car to get the girls to their classes.  We arrived only moments after the class began. LP quickly changed her shoes and clicked her way into her tap class. PP and I sat and had snacks while we waited for her class to begin.

What I know to be true, on December 30th, 2012, I would have missed the opportunity to take that shot.  I don’t think the image I shot today will win any awards but it was an exhilarating experience to have the opportunity to try.  I realized in my photography and my drawings have been focusing on the little things.  My little gems I keep finding out on the hunt.  I realized today it is the little things that make all the difference; just the act of putting your camera in your car or your sketch pad in your purse could make the difference between capturing your inspiration or not.  It is the little things.


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2 Responses to KHP – The Little Things

  1. wwwmama says:

    What a gorgeous photo! It really is the little things. You rock, KHP!

  2. Kristen R. says:

    That photo is stunning!

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