KHP – Interesting Timing

KHP - Captain Creepy how I have been searching for the country side for you!

KHP – Captain Creepy how I have been searching the countryside for you!

It is late on Monday night and I am finally hunkering down to write my post for tomorrow.  I had a great day but it was a long one.  I had my regular busy teaching day and then I headed off to the Central Pennsylvania Adobe User Group.  This group meets once a month and they have interesting presentations, door prizes and every once in awhile the Adobe Evangelist show up and drop some knowledge on us mere mortals.  Tonight was just a regular meeting and a local designer presented on Responsive Web Design.  Keep your pants on! I know it is exciting but really!

It was actually a pretty interesting night, full of great information and reinforcement on the good practices I try and share with my students.  I like hearing other teachers present similar materials as it gives me new perspectives, resources and depth on the topics.  This past couple of months I have been running off to various networking groups or seminars.  I have met a lot of people, gained contacts, resources and information.

Tonight, I walked in and saw an old student who is currently working as a web designer and developer for a big firm.  We chatted after the meeting for a while and he mentioned the Society of Design meets once a month in Harrisburg.  Last month the guest speaker was the international renowned designer, Stefan Sagmeister.  Next month Jessica Hische will present, an equally prominent figure in modern design.  Yes, I plan on attending and joining the group!   These groups have been an unconscious side challenge for me.  I never really planned on this development but it seems to be snowballing on it own.  The more I focus on my work, the more I focus on the development of my business, the more important building a professional network and library of resources has become to me.

This blog has come at an interesting time. It presented itself (or KR presented it) on the year I turn 40, I just finished another degree, and my focus is on what I can create and what I can build for myself and for my family.  It has helped me take my personal work seriously again and has helped me make that a priority.  I am not sure what the year will hold or what balls will drop and which ones I will manage to keep up in the air but I can see my snowball rolling down the hill. It is still tiny but it is gathering strength and I am hoping it might end in an avalanche.


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5 Responses to KHP – Interesting Timing

  1. wwwmama says:

    I see an avalanche headed your way! How do you do it all?

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