KHP – Winter’s Last Stand

KHP - Winter's last stand

KHP – Winter’s last stand

We all woke up in the soft glow of grey light streaming through the windows.  The girls had snuck into the room before the sun was up to snuggle with us. We were all hovering in the state between sleep and wake.  LP went to the window to check the sunrise; this is her way to raise the troops if we are unwilling to roll out of bed.  She found the world covered in a blanket of white snow.  Matt and I knew the covering would be there; the meteorologist predicted 12 inches for our area.  The local schools had decided to shut down for the snow event the night before.  The girls were excited to see the winter wonderland and we all made our way downstairs.  Matt had to run into work but he was planning on coming back with his truck by mid-morning to bring me to a client meeting.  The roads looked pretty bad but the trucks were out clearing the roads.

KHP - Vines

KHP – Vines

The girls and I had a busy morning making special breakfast, playing puzzles, working on house chores as I stole moments to email, text and research.  I went upstairs to quickly get ready before my chariot returned to take me across town.  I grabbed my computer and camera bags and headed out the door when I saw Matt’s big red truck pull into the drive.  As I stepped outside I immediately noticed the lack of wonder in our winter wonderland.  The snow was heavy and wet, there was as much melt as fluff, and what was falling from the sky felt like a slushy rather than feather snowflakes.  I hopped in the truck and we were off.  The roads that had been plowed were wet as if it was raining.   Matt dropped me off at my appointment and picked me back up when it was done.

We had planned to drive around to take a quick picture of the beautiful winter scene before heading back to grandma and the girls.  As I was getting back into the truck I realized the slush had turned to rain.  I was still feeling optimistic and we went off in search of the picture of the day.  I wanted the picture to capture the beauty of the last snow of the winter.

KHP - Ropes

KHP – Ropes

We drove around and few scenes seemed to inspire either of us.  Matt was taking us down roads twisting and turning while negotiating various business deals on his Bluetooth.  I looked out the window trying to find inspiration.  We finally ended up at the local college’s farm.  It is tucked behind the college with a stream meandering through, connecting the horse farm and up the hill to the gardens.  It did not seem to be covered in a blanket of snow but a heavy layer grey.  Puddles pooled and mud seeped into the road.  Everywhere I looked I felt as if I had already taken the photo or there was nothing of interest in the vista.

KHP - Signs of Spring.

KHP – Signs of Spring.

We drove above the gardens to the top of the hill.  I left Matt to negotiate more business on his phone while I went on foot to search out the image.  It was now raining fairly heavily as I trotted through a field to the tree line.  I scanned the scene with my long lens.  I looked off past the trees and I thought I saw a stream and a break in the thick brush.  I traipsed through the prickly vines of thorns and climbed over fallen trees to find the stream was just a small debris filled ravine.  I looked around and little was around.  I snapped a few photos and ran back to the car.  As we drove back down, we pulled to the side to take a quick picture or two.  I stood there on the edge of the river while slush and rain pelted my head and camera; I realized my lack of inspiration was from my lack of interest in the winter wonderland. I hope this was winter’s last stand.  I am ready for the grey cloud to lift from the surface and bring the sun and color back into our lives.  Even in my lack of art inspiration, in the grey muddy mess I found the hope of spring.


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8 Responses to KHP – Winter’s Last Stand

  1. lehorse says:

    urgggghhh I hate that slushy falling snow we had some last month and it was just horrible not 12 inches but still not nice. Great photos btw really like the vines 🙂

  2. wwwmama says:

    Great pictures. I, like you, am searching for signs of spring. It’s coming!

  3. Kristen R. says:

    I agree, the winter is not inspiring me anymore. But, your pictures sure make it look rather dreamy.

  4. khpixler says:

    Dreamy or Dreary! I am ready to look through my spring pictures. It will be really fun to look through the whole year and see how the seasons were captured! It is going to be almost 60 here this weekend so RVA must be perfect!

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