KHP – Progress


KHP - In celebration of the storm coming I edited some images from earlier this week.

KHP – In celebration of the storm coming I edited some images from earlier this week.

I am sitting here in a pile of papers with too many windows opened on my computer.  This typically means I am drowning in work.  I am but I am finally seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel.  I am clawing my way out of the hole that I fell in during February.  I fell behind on my freelance projects, my online class design, my teaching, my housework, and my running due to back to back illnesses that affected our entire family for a month.  The only thing I seemed to keep under control was my artwork.  I suppose even on my worst day taking 30 minutes to sketch, to carve or to take pictures is easy enough.  There has been a slow progression through March but this past week seemed alleviate my worries and stress.

KHP - Snow Twig Cap

KHP – Snow Twig Cap

On Tuesday last week I went in for a course design consultation with my professor.  We spoke about different technologies and how I was going to balance the shear volume of work for my students.  The course description for Web Design Theory is a lot in the classroom and it is increased when you build an online course.  He agreed that yes there is little course material free for my field and I would be generating all of it.  The one huge relief was that they don’t expect us to build the course while we are taking the training.  Now that we are 70% done with our training I know thatJ. It should take about 5 to 6 months to build a proper online course not 10 weeks while learning the concepts, pedagogy and technology.

KHP - Snow on Vines

KHP – Snow on Vines

My freelance work is chugging along but I still want to be further along than I am.  During a regular time many of these projects would be complete and billed out but it is not a regular time so I am trying to embrace a slower pace.  It is not always easy for me to accept this.

I was able to make it to print group on Saturday and I had a blissful 2 hours of carving while I listened to our instructor help another member with a difficult process.  The studio was quiet as there were only four of us from the group in attendance.  We usually have at least 8 of us running around chatting, prepping the prints for the press, scratching metal, carving or drawing.  I love listening to Sue our leader share her unbelievable knowledge with us.  Sue and B were working on a very complicated process.  There were acetate templates involved; gradient inks being rolled, transparency of inks being altered and registration issues.  The whole thing could make a person tear their hair out but when you add in two very opinionated ladies it becomes quit entertaining.   They knew the whole thing was a bit nutty so we giggled as they worked.


KHP - I will take new pictures of our snow fall tomorrow.  I am also am carving away on the new plate!

KHP – I will take new pictures of our snow fall tomorrow. I am also am carving away on the new plate!

At the beginning of this week my body was so tired from my long runs. I was just depleted and a little frustrated.  I was not expecting huge gains but I wanted to see some progress.  Well I had two fantastic runs this weekend.  I don’t usually like to share my times, as I know it is all relative to the individual.  There are so many people in this area who are older and much, much faster than me. Sometimes I wonder if I moved to a land of Kenyan runners disguised as white Americans.  I am always shocked at the races in our area in how quickly they close the course.  I often ponder if I would still be out there running.  In the grand scheme of things time does not matter.  What matters is that we are out there doing it.  So in relative terms I killed it this weekend.  I ran a 7 miler with an 8:50 pace and the next morning I ran a 5 miler in an 8:38 pace.  I felt so strong and my legs felt fresh!

It feels great to have things swinging up again and to see some progress.  I know I will have bad weeks and good weeks but after a rough month with so much catch up to do it is great to see an up turn.  It helps keep me on track and feeling positive about my pursuits.  Another snowstorm is approaching but I have a lecture to prepare for just in case we do have school tomorrow so I better run.  I hope each of you has a great week!

How is your progress going?


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4 Responses to KHP – Progress

  1. Kristen R. says:

    Good run times! So I’m thinking for the Richmond half we try for sub 2-hours. What do you think? Easier for me to say than do but we’ve got lots of time to train. 🙂 Glad you had good runs. My progress is good. My 9-miler Saturday was fun and it felt good which makes me feel confident for my 10-mile race coming up. This consistency thing seems to help.

  2. wwwmama says:

    Wow, those are awesome times! I have fallen off track with the exercises and need to get back to it. I think you ladies have to keep in mind that there will be down periods that are perfectly natural and part of the bigger process, and that then you come back and are strong like now, and it’s awesome!

  3. khpixler says:

    Totally, I want to train for a sub 2 hour half; that would make me so happy. I have done so much running but I have never really seen big gains in my distance running times. If I did I was not paying attention.
    I am trying to embrace the down weeks and I should incorporate a down month. I still feel like I am in make-up mode for such a bad month in February. We should always be healthy with no variations in schedules. Right?:)

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