KHP – Unexpected Inspiration

KHP - The church through the trees

KHP – The church through the trees

This weekend we set off to Baltimore with the girls to meet my sister Nora and my brother in law Ken for a show at the Meyerhoff.  Nora treated everyone to a fabulous evening starting with “Fantasia” accompanied by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (or perhaps the other way around). It was amazing to share this with our girls.  They love music of all types and enjoy going to see the ballet, orchestra and art openings.  They are well-cultured little people and have a true love for art and music, which makes me a very proud mommy. When PP was 2 she sat quietly (almost perfectly quietJ) through 45 minutes of Bach, at a piano performance.  It helps that her Uncle Kenny was the pianist, something both girls beam with pride when they see him perform.   Ken is a concert pianist and a professor of piano and music theory.  Fantasia was brilliant and the girls were wrapped up in the beauty of it all and so were we.

KHP - headstones through the trees.

KHP – headstones through the trees.

After dinner we headed back to their home and there we had a chance to listen to more beautiful music coming from Ken’s piano.  You could not ask for a better more relaxing evening.  Ken played, PP danced, Nora and LP snuggled on the couch with doggie family joining in on the warmth as Matt and I kicked our feet up and absorbed the moment. I really don’t know which was better Walt Disney and the Baltimore Orchestra or a private concert from Uncle Kenny.  Auntie Nora showered all of us with love and affection, something none of us get sick of feeling.

KHP - Headstones

KHP – Headstones

We all headed to sleep glowing from our exciting day.  The next morning we awoke to a spring like day, a bit brisk in the wind but warm enough for an early walk with the dogs.  I brought my camera along to document and see if I could find a few things of interest for my portfolio.  Everyone enjoyed the walk and we took the dogs to their regular spots to run on fields and chase balls while the girls climbed on the playground.  We stopped at the second playground set in the park.  Nina our doggie niece was showing off her ladder climbing skills when I notice a very small cemetery behind the trees.  The park is set right next to a church.  I was originally drawn to the trees, as there was a beautiful dappled light that was falling on a stump.  As I focused in I realized there was a cemetery set behind the row of trees.  It was a beautiful fencing for privacy and ambiance, the branches framed the headstones repeating in the distance.  I was surprised of the power of this simple image. I feel like my observation skills are getting tuned and I love that progression.

I have included a few versions for you to enjoy and the progress of my printing plate.  The plate is closer to being done than it looks.  I will be done with the small blades soon and I will be carving out the background with the big blades in no time.

KHP - print process

KHP – print process

This weekend it was difficult to get all my workouts in and I had to cut my long run short.  Next weekend I am hoping to recruit some friends to run a longer distance on a trail on Saturday afternoon.  I am looking forward to that.  I am glad for a lighter week on my workouts as I had very few hours of sleep and my body was feeling run down.  I needed sometime to recover and get back on track.


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4 Responses to KHP – Unexpected Inspiration

  1. wwwmama says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the way the trees are running a sort of (beautiful) interference in these photos.

  2. Kristen R. says:

    I love the cemetary pix! Beautiful. Do they live in Baltimore now? I know Nora just gobbles up PP and LP. Love it!

    • Kristen says:

      They live an hour outside of Baltimore but Nora works there right in the inner harbor. Ken used to live and work there. It was really fun and the Meyerhoff is right across from MICA. It faces the sculpture building.

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