KHP – Running with Friends

KHP - Abbi Crowe the created of Miles for Mutts.
KHP – Abbi Crowe the created of Miles and Mutts.

The morning started early, we scurried around the house feeding kids breakfast, showering and throwing clothes on for a new adventure.  Matt, the girls and I headed out the door to meet up with friends and go up to the Rails to Trails in Shippensburg.  We were all excited about joining a great program called Miles and Mutts, created and organized by Abbi Crowe.  She came up with the brilliant idea of working with the local animal shelter and matching up runners with the dogs for weekend runs.  She is making such a difference in the life quality of these animals, getting many of them adopted, making more of them adoptable, and allowing a bunch of runners to have some awesome buddies to run with.

My friend, J and I ran with a beautiful brindle boy named Reese.  Our husband’s took the four girls to walk a smaller dog named Maggie.  Reese was amazing he was thrilled to be out and there were many pit stops to sniff and snuffle in the grass but he fell inline to run for 3.5 miles.  Reese is an older dog that has been in the kennel for many years.  It is a mystery why or how some dogs are adopted while others do not.  He is a well-mannered handsome dog that would make many households happy.   He looked so much like my first dog Mia sharing that same warm brown brindle coat.  He also shares her human sensitivity and concern for the pack.  J, was separated from us for a moment while passing another group.  When J, stepped away Reese quickly turned his head to find her and was not satisfied until she was back in step with us.  We were both ready to pack Reese up and take him home.

KHP - A handsome boy named Reese.
KHP – A handsome boy named Reese.

We ran 3.5 miles when we met back up with the Maggie and the rest of our group.  The girls ran over to greet us and Reese responded with a low warning growl that altered our plans.  He was not angry but a little scared and nervous.  It is not a risk we are able to take at this time in our life.  I can assure you that Mr. Reese would be heading home with us if we had not started our family.  He certainly would be worth the little work it would take to make a wonderful family dog.

KHP - Maggie and her pushed in face:)
KHP – Maggie and her pushed in face:)

Maggie on the other hand was a puppy like two year old with a boxer face  on a little terrier’s body.  She allowed the girls to walk her and we tested her legs on a short run.  Like Reese, she was well mannered and kind with a gentle nature. The only difference was the young ones swarming her with love did not intimidate her.  I was surprised that Matt was asking questions about the adoption process.  She is smaller than any of my previous dogs but with less weight, less of a coat and a more mellow nature she might fit into our lives with children better.

KHP - J and the crew of girls with Maggie.
KHP – J and the crew of girls with Maggie.

It was not our plan to go out to find our new four legged family member but to support an incredible organization created by an amazing young woman.  We have not filled out the adoption papers but we plan to this week.  It is not guaranteed we will get Maggie but we are excited about the prospect.  We plan to continue going up to run the dogs whether our adoption happens or not.  There are some visions worth supporting and this is one we plan on committing to.  Well-done Miles and Mutts.

KHP Art Below

KHP - some more pictures from the day.
KHP – some more pictures from the day.

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One Response to KHP – Running with Friends

  1. Kristen R. says:

    This makes me happy. I do wish Reese (Mia’s long-lost brother!) had a better disposition but with a name like that, you just never know 😉 However, Maggie and squooshed-in face just might be the one. Sounds like it was a fun event!

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