Claire: Poopiness and Predictions

This week has tested me. I am having difficulty in several areas, and I can’t seem to lift myself out of the dumps (in which I am down).

Lacking motivation in all areas, I will beg your pardon for a short post today. Here’s my brief review of the week (so far) and a more hopeful forecast for what’s ahead.

This week in one word? CRAPOLA!

“C” is for the challenges thrown my way, just one of which was to learn a whole new system for gradekeeping and send in my progress reports.

“R” is for the reflective glare that was hitting my students’ eyes while we were outside doing some reading in the sun. It turns out that one of my students was using his watch to distract his peers during our discussion of the Holocaust (as he sat right next to a student talking about her friend’s uncle who died in the Twin Towers). Just another fun class with my seniors.

“A” is for the anxiety I feel about a personal issue someone close to me is dealing with right now. I’ve been told everything will be ok, but I don’t feel that confident about it.

“P” is for the privilege most of my students take for granted and sometimes irks the hell out of me, like when two of my favorite freshmen got up from lunch and walked away, leaving their trays behind for someone else (me, presumably, since I had cafeteria duty) to clean up. It’s not unusual for the poopy* kids to do this, but to witness this behavior from the good ones is downright depressing.

“O” is for the general overload of too much muchness. Work is crazy, and I can’t see any way it’s going to lighten up for at least another month. Newman is even more overloaded with work and his graduate class and trying to squeeze in any moment he can with his sons, one of whom will be graduating high school soon, so the business of life is a little taxing right now.

“L” is for lagging behind in my workouts and thereby letting the crapola sink into my muscles and pores. It wasn’t on purpose; I’ve had Free every day this week except today, so it was my first chance to get a run in. I did my 3.5, but it felt a little sluggish since it had been so long.

“A” is for the absence of all the beautiful things I got so used to last week on vacation: sea and sun and sand and snacks and sipping cocktails and sex and time to do nothing but relax and hang out with my honey. Then it all got taken away so quickly–I didn’t even get to say goodbye!

Enough of the negativity! Here’s what’s bound to come next:

My prediction for next week in one word? FABU!

“F” is for the forecast of sixty degree days all week.

“A” is for the absence of sickness, challenges I can’t handle, and crazy-fucking-things in general. I continue to be blessed and would like to remind the universe that I know this and need no more reminders for a while, thank you.

“B” is for the bean and basil (and radish and carrot and watermelon and snap pea and cilantro and pumpkin) seeds Free and I planted that are starting to sprout in their sunny spot next to our kitchen window. We dug out our garden last weekend, and we shall plant soon!

“U” is for unexpected laughter, much needed and much relished. Like this visual treat capturing failed Pinterest-inspired projects. Who knows? Maybe in my no-shopping zone of the month of May, I’ll produce my own worthy addition to the list.

Here’s hoping you too find something to warm you, something to appreciate, something to laugh at, and something to grow…

*Poopy is what my friend Brenda calls those students, you know the ones, who are just, well, kinda poopy. For an example, see “R” above for reflective glare.

KHP Art Below

KHP - Playing with lighting and the new lens.

KHP – Playing with lighting and the new lens.

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2 Responses to Claire: Poopiness and Predictions

  1. Kristen says:

    I am there with you this week my friend. I have a really bad spring cold and I have been overloaded with work. I had a pretty good day today but I should have actually been laying on the couch drinking theraflu. This to shall pass. So many good things are happening I can’t let this week get me down. I am totally stealing “poopy”:)

  2. Kristen R. says:

    I’m sorry it’s been a poopy week, but your post title includes the word “poopiness” and that brought a smile to my face. I hope it made you giggle when you chose that word, so you at least had one tiny immature giggle during your week of all things poop. May next week be full of FABU — which also makes me giggle and think if Napa Valley. 🙂

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