KHP – Gait Analysis

I have separated my art and writing today as they do not relate in the least. I have a mini photo blog below of my photography from driving around with the girls. I am itching to get out hiking and really explore the country side with my camera in tow. The weather is finally nice and I want to spend some quality time in the woods with my camera.

On an unrelated note, I had a fantastic opportunity after I ran the 5K on Sunday. I was able to get my running gait analyzed and I found out a ton. The process was simple a running specialist/physical therapist was out with a video camera tethered to her computer. She documented my run from the side and from the front. We watched my stride in slow motion. We looked at the side view first. The side view looked great. I was leaning forward, my knees were soft, I have good heal lift and I look symmetrical. I am still hitting my heal more than I would like but it is a soft heal strike. I am also leaning forward, my body weight is past my foot strike and this with my soft knees I am not shocking my joints. Pretty much I rock from the side.

Don’t worry I did not let it go to my head. My moments of pride diminished as I saw my stride from the front. I have way too much going on in my upper body. My hips are jiggling all over the place, my arms are crossing to far in front of my body and my right leg is crossing in front of my left. My hips are jiggling from my mommy middle which still has refused to leave but I will get to that later. The jiggle is from poor core strength and I need to focus on keeping my core strong and quite. This frustrated me as I have been working very hard on building my core strength back up. I need to step it up a notch and really start focusing on some more challenging cross-training.

The biggest revelation was my right leg is crossing almost in front of my left. It is a very narrow stride and all due to my right leg. My left is aligned with my hip. I have mentioned throughout this blog that I have been having big problems with my right hip, hamstring and quad. Looking at the video tape there is little to wonder why this is happening. My whole right side is out of alignment when I strike on that side.

So now what to do with all this new found knowledge. Well, I will continue with my yoga but I will be splitting my yoga days with the deep stretching and a vinyasa or ashtanga practice. The deep stretching has been elevating my pain but it is not building proper alignment. I also need to look more closely at my diet. In the grand scheme of things I have a wonderful diet, I eat mostly organic or local, it is fairly easy to find both in this area. I eat healthy amount of fruits and vegetables. I buy local organic grass fed dairy products. My goal is to eat as unprocessed food as I can find. In recent years I have picked up a few bad habits. I drink way too much coffee, I eat too much chips and salsa (that has always been an issue:), my sweet tooth can take over during stress and late nights and I think I have a gluten sensitivity.

This week I am kicking the coffee habit. I am replacing it with green tea. I made it a whole day without my morning coffee and no one died! I know getting rid of the caffeine all together is a better plan but I think I might be a really angry mom. So with my children’s best interest in mind I will go with the green tea. After I feel comfortable with that transition I am going to tackle my sugar issue and then onto gluten. I am leaving the chips and salsa as it is. The farmer’s market is about to open and I plan to make my mean homemade salsa from delicious local produce. How can that be bad.

The last thing I am going to do is work with an amazing personal trainer. I will fill you in more after our first meeting. My husband has been working out with her and in 8 weeks she has transformed him. She is in need of some marketing work and I am in need of some training. She wants to set up a barter. She seems like a perfect fit as she is a runner and will understand my goals. I am thrilled about working with her and we have our first meeting this Friday. The hard part for me will be coordinating schedules. I will keep you posted.

If I can drop a few more pounds, build my core and overall fitness while I continue my yoga practice and running, I maybe able to defeat my hip pain and correct my form. If I can suggest anything to runners I would suggest getting your stride analyzed. Even if you have no pain at all, it is an excellent learning tool. The best runners in the world tweak their form and are constantly looking at how they can improve. Why shouldn’t we?

KHP Art Below

KHP - Spring has official arrived here in PA.

KHP – Spring has official arrived here in PA.

KHP - I included both the BW and color versions of the images.  I love to compare them and see how much you can effect the mode.

KHP – I included both the BW and color versions of the images. I love to compare them and see how much you can effect the mode.

KHP - A few more variations.

KHP – A few more variations.


KHP – I did not quite capture the day in all of its beauty but I tried.


KHP – I can’t decide cute or creepy??


KHP – Just more fun with the wide lens.


KHP – I love finding found object compositions. This could never be replicated, it is just perfect.


KHP – More interesting found object compositions.


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One Response to KHP – Gait Analysis

  1. wwwmama says:

    I love chips and salsa! Really, how bad can they be?! That’s cool about the analysis. I never thought of doing that. I’m curious to see what I could find out. Ignorance might be bliss for me though; I like just having running be my chill time, mentally, and not making it something I have to work on.

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