Kristen R: Planning Your Run and Running Your Plan

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.
My last post neatly laid out a fairly typically running week for me. But, as life as a working, running mom would have it, that well-laid plan imploded for no other reason than life was simply moving along with me riding shotgun.
Here’s how it’s played out so far:
  • Monday: I had scheduled 3 miles of hills. My actual was only 1 quick mile because I attended a post-Mother’s Day Taekwondo class with my Bean. The class ate into my running time, but was well worth it. I bonded with my 6-year-old and learned a few moves. Plus, it involved some really great cross-training in the form of burpee hell — and I woke up Tuesday with my back tweaked from getting my behind handed to me. Wouldn’t trade this for the 3-miles of planned hills any day (well, except the back thing, but it’s already on the mend).
  • Tuesday: I planned to do a 4-mile tempo run, but did the 3-mile hill run instead, since I missed it Monday.
  • Wednesday: 1 mile, rest. This actually happened, but typically I would have added in some cross training. However, because I had to do the run at 4:45 a.m. due to a work event in the evening, I opted to sleep an extra 30 minutes in exchange for a quick 1-miler and no cross-training. I’m just getting home and typing this at 10:15 p.m. I think that extra 30 minutes of sleep was a good call. It’s been a long day — in pink stilettos!

I’m still hoping to run  through the rest of the week as planned:

  • Thursday: 5 miles, pace
  • Friday: 1 mile, rest
  • Saturday: 7-8 miles

Writing about it now, it really doesn’t seem like very much changed. But, moving through each day, changing the game plan at the last minute, and having to sometimes squeeze in low-quality, low-mileage runs can leave me feeling like I’ve somehow cheated.

But I haven’t. I’ve adapted. The plan may have changed, but the end goal is still the same. I’ve managed to stick to my goal of daily running and still be a pretty good mom, spouse and professional who is just tying to make it daily.

What about you? How do you adapt to change when you’ve planned your runs and then cannot run your plan — with training or just life in general?

Gotta run!
Kristen R.

Bye bye, 350. Hello, 400!

Bye bye, 350. Hello, 400!

KHP Art Below

KHP - Some of my flowers from Mother's Day are still surviving.

KHP – Some of my flowers from Mother’s Day are still surviving.

KHP - PP keeping it real with the binki.  She is still working on giving these up. She still looks pretty tough even with the bink in her mouth.

KHP – PP keeping it real with the binki. She is still working on giving these up. She still looks pretty tough even with the bink in her mouth.


About Kristen R.

Counting down to 40, while juggling motherhood, marriage, the corporate grind & middle-of-the-pack running. It's OK to point & laugh.
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10 Responses to Kristen R: Planning Your Run and Running Your Plan

  1. Sound advice for any level runner. In regards to training, I’ve learned to focus on running 3 times a week. Once I find a race, I’ll find a training plan to tailor my schedule to. I’ve learned not to be so rigid because with kids there are no certainties when it comes to a schedule. That’s why I run in the morning mostly. Also, I rely on my running app to track my progress and motivate myself to improve.

    • Kristen R. says:

      Very good advice, Chris. I had a great plan for a half I did about 2-3 weeks ago, but haven’t been as disciplined for my next one which is about 2 weeks away. I typically would run 3-4 a week, but am running daily this year — a crazy goal I set on Jan 1, my running streak! With kids it’s tough, but I find it easier to run once they are in bed. That’s getting harder to do as the days get longer. Will be changing the routine more and more. I suspect. I’ll definitely check out your app. Thanks for sharing!

  2. khpixler says:

    I am in a constant state of evolving schedules and I just have to grin and bare it. I am a schedule oriented person and having kids has forced me to be much more flexible. I am still learning how to guide them without becoming obsessive. My training will come in waves but the most important thing is that we are making time to do it and it is high on the priority list. That is what I keep telling myself:)

  3. cathyn61 says:

    I used to stress over getting all my training in for the week according to my program. But now I’m more relaxed and focus on the sessions that count. So if I miss some or do less, who cares. I think this more relaxed approach has helped me.

  4. wwwmama says:

    Pink stilettos! Pictures please! I think you should do some posts with pics of all your footwear. KHP, PP looks so adult in the eyes and the binki is such a great juxtaposition with her look. So cute.

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