KHP – Fairies Mind Mapping

KHP - A Fairy Prince.  I am trying to gather some characters for the Illustration.

KHP – A Fairy Prince. I am trying to gather some characters for the Illustration.

Pink, Shimmer, Translucent, Glitter, Flying, Wings, Flittering, Insects, Riding, Team, Cocoon, Adolescent, Love, Prince, Princess, Castle, Secrets, Chambers, small, hidden, secret world, camouflage, forest, tree, leaves, veins, life line, flowers, pollen, sticks, mud, bark, texture, grass, tricks, gentle, caring, bees, hive, honey, golden, feeding, babies, pattern, octagon, Disney, garish, annoying,Tinker bell,green, yellow

This list was made at 11:30 last night.  I feel like it is as flat and generic and the illustrations so far.  I am hoping the ideas will evolve from little bits like this.  Since the girls have been out of school for the summer my life seems a bit slower.  It is easier for me to get work done in the morning while they hang out and play.  We spend the afternoon and evening outside playing, splashing in the pool, picking wild flowers and waiting patiently for those fireflies to make their debut.  When the girls are in bed is when my real work begins as usual but now my little pockets of time have disappeared.  I am missing my Tuesday/Thursday 5 miler. My afternoon hours with headphones, my laptop and the chaos of the dance studio swirling around me are gone.  That is the only thing I miss of the dance studio.  I am hoping this summer’s riding and piano lessons take hold as I was horrified with the whole world of dance land.  I can’t help think that soccer, softball, swimming, track or basketball would be a hell of lot healthier for your girls and women.

I am happy that I continue to get freelance work and there is more work I need to finish up and more on the horizon.  I am a third of the way through my summer semester with my classes.  Summer is going well but it is taking its tool on my art and workout time.

We are leaving for the beach tomorrow. I am hoping to work on a better summer schedule when we come back from our mini vacation.  I desperately want to complete this illustration for my daughters birthday which is coming up mid-July.  Right now I have so much more development.  I need more daytime drawing hours on paper rather than the computer to really build this illustration.  For now I am running off to the beach and hoping for a bit of clarity the sea air will bring.  The ocean is calling, fairyland can wait.


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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, athlete, wife and mom of two beautiful girls. Trying to make it daily.
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One Response to KHP – Fairies Mind Mapping

  1. wwwmama says:

    The mind-mapping stuff is cool to see in detail. Tell us more about the dance studio nightmare! I hope you find more pockets of time. I have to admit that you and Kristen are making me jealous hearing about the summer slipping away…mine won’t start for so long, and it’s been raining here all week!

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