Kristen R: Down and Out – My Day with Doctors

Yesterday was not my best day. I woke up feeling bad, but chalked it up to my persistent lower back pain — again. It’s a really sharp pain that painfully grabs me with most movements. Frankly, it’s nagged me long enough that I have been both physically and mentally exhausted by it, and yesterday morning this exhaustion showed.

As I was getting my youngest dressed for school, I felt this wave of fatigue and heat and all-over ache. I just felt like giving up and giving in to whatever was happening to me. I grabbed the thermometer, took my temperature and there it was: A fever. Something was up. I was frustrated and relieved all at once. Frustrated because I don’t like to be slowed down by anything. Relieved to know there was actually a reason I felt so very lowly. I’m not a weepy person, but I have to confess I cried a little from this combination of relief and frustration. I told my husband I was so tired of my back pain and now my whole body was aching from it. Yep, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.


This view was quite common yesterday. I started and ended my day at doctors’ offices. I really hope to be done with them from here on out.

I called the doctor and was able to see someone right away. This is the same doctor I had just visited Monday to get some help with my back. So far, the muscle relaxer they prescribed has done no good.

Yesterday they took blood, checked my urine, even did an x-ray of — get this — my sinuses. That’s right, not my back, but my sinuses — which yielded no results, by the way. They found nothing in my blood or urine, either. I was fine, probably had a little virus, which they concluded more than two hours later. Two hours!

I went home, lazed around feeling crumby (and a little melodramatic for having “no real reason” to feel so sick), napped and watched bad TV. And, yes, I even walk-ran a slow mile (sorry, mom!). By late afternoon, I just couldn’t figure out why my throat was hurting so badly — I mean, I had just spent two hours at a doctor’s office and they said I was fine.

I looked down my throat with a flashlight and found golfball-size tonsils covered in white spots. Strep? I have never had strep as an adult and I never catch it. My kids get it all the time but I don’t.

Until yesterday.

I went back to the doctor — a different doctor, mind you — and after another two hour visit, walked out with antibiotics for the strep they diagnosed and a super strong anti-inflammatory for my back. They also found blood in my urine, which could be the culprit of my back pain (kidney infection, perhaps, or even a kidney stone, for which I have no words). I’ll know more on that in a couple of days.

All this sob story is just say that, even though I’m feeling down and out, I do feel good knowing a little more as to what’s going on with my body. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling achey and fatigued with no real answer as to why. My back pain is still painful and exhausting (melodramatic, I know, but it’s true). However,  my hope is that the antibiotic will help knock that out, if it is actually a kidney infection. And as crazy as this sounds: I really hope that’s what it is so that it’s over in another day or two.

I haven’t updated my running log because, well, I just don’t feel good, but I have run slow one-milers for the last three days. Really slow. Is that what jogging is? 😉

Here’s to feeling better — and soon.

Gotta run!
Kristen R.

KHP Art Below

KHP - Another one that I should just say don't ask yet:) It was a very long day yesterday!

KHP – Another one that I should just say don’t ask yet:) It was a very long day yesterday!


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Counting down to 40, while juggling motherhood, marriage, the corporate grind & middle-of-the-pack running. It's OK to point & laugh.
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17 Responses to Kristen R: Down and Out – My Day with Doctors

  1. Emily says:

    Esh – that sounds like a horrendous experience the hospital. Feel better!

    You definitely deserve a moment to be melodramatic for those two visits! 🙂

    • Kristen R. says:

      Thanks, Emily. I usually try to avoid the drama and one of my running mottos is “No wimps or whiners,” so I’ve broken many of my rules in the last couple of days. Plus, sitting still is just not in my DNA!

  2. Your husband says:

    Why are you blogging? You should be in bed!!
    Love- your husband

  3. wwwmama says:

    Poor baby. I think you should be a wimp and whine today…and maybe also have some wine. Sometimes it’s all you can do to get through it. Take care of yourself. I miss you!

  4. khpixler says:

    Oh, I am so sorry! This sounds horrible. I am glad you know what is up with your body. It is so frustrating not understanding why you are feeling down and out.

    • Kristen R. says:

      I just need to get my back figured out — and all will be well with the world. It is really messed up but I’m hoping one of these new meds will help.

  5. cathyn61thy says:

    I hope you’re feeling better really soon. It sounds awful. There’s nothing worse than feeling sick and not being sure why you feel that way. I can’t believe you even managed some jogging! Take care.

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  7. lehorse says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon I have had a kidney infection beforeand it is not pleasant but could well be the cause of your back pain… I hope your Mums forgiven you 😛

    • Kristen R. says:

      Not sure if my mom has forgiven me. I’m feeling much better, but was really bad off Thursday and Friday. I followed this post up w/ an update about how I was walk-jogging my mile minimum. Not a pretty sight!

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