Summer Fever

I sit here with my laptop, having just turned it on for the first time in days. Not only is there no work required of me right now, I finally got a smarty-pants phone, so I’ve been playing with that–not that I’ve learned how to do much on it so far.

I am in summer mode, and first stop on the summer trail is Vermont to visit my mother and sister, J. My sister J celebrated her birthday this week, and my other sister, L, also came up for a few days, and we have three little ones with us. Well, they’re not so little anymore, which we discovered when we tried to pile them all on one blow-up mattress and the couch at night. They are taking up more and more space in Meema’s house every day. It’s not a bad thing, considering how healthy and active and full of personality they all are, but it’s a reminder of how many years we’ve been coming up to the Vermont house; none of them were born when we bought this place.

June was mostly a tough month for me, and I’ve been climbing up slowly by trying to focus on paths to happiness. Kristen’s last post was a welcome one with its workout challenges (thankfully not involving neck gymnastics!) to help me get back on track physically and an invitation to have a little questionnaire fun. I’m all for fun right now, so here goes:

  1. Where were you born? In a small town in Florida. A native Floridian–a rare breed.
  2. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes.
  3. When did you last cry? This morning. I’m sharing a bed with my sister, and I had to climb over her to get up in the morning. My neck hurt so badly that the tears just came.
  4. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes
  5. Riskiest thing you’ve ever done? Separation and divorce. Also…becoming a mother.
  6. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope.
  7. Do you think you are strong? Yes, sometimes. Lately, I’ve been doubting myself more though, I admit.
  8. Favorite ice cream? I’m not an ice cream fan, but in the summer I will have the occasional black raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles.
  9. What is the first thing you notice about a person? Their eyes and voice.
  10. Red or pink? Red!
  11. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I’m quick to judge, and I’m quick to anger when I’m tired or PMSing.
  12. What was the last thing you ate? Pasta, of course.
  13. What is your favorite smell? Tide (on Newman’s shirts) and my daughter’s head (when she’s clean, that is. Now that she’s a teeny-bopper, she gets smellier sooner!)
  14. What’s your favorite drink? My classic go-to is a Captain and coke, but my new favorite is a Dark and Stormy.
  15. Scary movie or happy ending? Happy ending. I haven’t watched a scary movie since I watched Freddy Krueger with some kids I babysat for when I was 13. Their parents told me it was their favorite and I had to show it to them before bed. (I never babysat for them again.)
  16. Favorite season? Spring, even though it’s gone before I’m able to enjoy it. It’s the start of six months of good weather up here, and I love it.
  17. What book are you reading? Pow! by Mo Yan. It’s epic, and I don’t love it. Last week I read The Art of Racing in the Rain, which was better for summer reading, but I’m not in love with that one either.
  18. What was the last thing you watched on TV? Call the Midwife. It was an old episode, and I’m dying to see more. I also checked out Mad Men and liked it.
  19. What’s your favorite sound? Laughter or an old favorite song.
  20. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles.
  21. What’s the furthest distance you’ve been from home? That depends. If home is where I live now, then Ireland. If home is Ireland, then where I live now.
  22. Do you have a special talent? I can wiggle my ears and tie a cherry stem knot with my tongue. Oh, and I’m also the best mom in the world, or so I’ve been told. What more could I possibly want out of life?
  23. Biggest regret in life? Not the stuff other people want me to regret. I’d say any time I’ve taken my frustration or anger out on loved ones. And running over the wheelbarrow with my car last week. Yeah, I kinda regret that.
  24. For my blogging partners: Have you used a “get out of making-it-daily jail” pass yet? No. I forgot we had one. Good to know 🙂

I’m headed to the lake to celebrate the 4th of July with my man and then will return to Vermont for one more week. I hope that you and yours have an awesome holiday.

Blogmates, I’ll be having a drink to cheer you and acknowledge a half year of getting real, getting close, and getting on with it. I love you ladies; you’ve both inspired me and give me a daily reason to get my ass in gear and shake things up. Here’s hoping we find each other for a getaway during the second half of the year. Happy days!


It Was A Dark and Stormy Night: My New Favorite Drink

KHP Art Below

A little more progress.  I have a feeling the digital illustration is just going to take a back seat once I start the painting.  I am hoping this will be a nice resource. We will see.

A little more progress. I have a feeling the digital illustration is just going to take a back seat once I start the painting. I am hoping this will be a nice resource. We will see.

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One Response to Summer Fever

  1. Kristen says:

    So glad you are finally enjoying the summer!!! Cheers to you too! I am going down to drink a glass of vino while I write my blog:))

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