Stealing Kale Chips from Children

Just felt like playing around.

Just felt like playing around but it is in fact based on a kale leaf:)

Friday evening we celebrated the weekend with a play date at the pool with J and the girls.  The kids splashed, jumped and swam to their hearts content.  I watched proudly as LP obsessively went down the slide and paddled her way proudly to the ladder to repeat indefinitely.  This is a new skill she has added on this summer and one that fills her with pride. My favorite part of watching her during this activity is during the swim back to the ladder.  When she comes up and gasp her first panicked breathe and begins furiously doing her doggy paddle to the edge.  She finally gives in and sticks her face down in the water.  In that moment I see the swimmer she will be.  She cuts through the water and with a few strong strokes she is at the ladder.  Head down and bum up, she is effortless in the water, she has found her happy place; one that we share.  I grew up near the water and at the pool. Every summer starting the day with early morning swim practice, returning after breakfast only stopping to eat and then ending the evening begging my parents to return for an evening dip.  The community pool was a stone’s throw away and we took advantage of every moment to escape and play.

J and I watched from the sidelines as the evening had a slight chill in the air. The kids did not seem to notice as they swam almost having the entire pool to themselves.  The lifeguard sat comfortably on the edge of the pool with his foot dangling in the water as he watched closely over the girls.  He seemed to enjoy the moment just as much as we were.  As the evening drew on we pulled the girls out o the water to walk back up the street to have dinner at J’s house.

J and I were both recalibrating our diets this week and trying to cleanse out all of the processed food.  We both were happy with the way we felt and proud of how clean our diet had been for the week.  We sent the girls out to play in the yard while the husband’s grilled steak and we prepared a huge green salad and kale chips for dinner.  J and I were still skipping on the steak. We laughed at the size of our salad bowls, which were serving sized troughs, rather than the typical salad size. I was in charge of much of the chopping and the kale chip creation.  As the first batch of kale chips emerged from the oven, I began picking little delicate flakes and popping them into my mouth.  The combination of the earthy green crispy from the olive oil and the slight sprinkle of salt just made my mouth water.  I found crunchy piece of garlic left stranded on the tray and I had to save it from burning up in the next batch so I popped it into my mouth.  I prepared the next batch happily snacking on the first telling myself that only the adults will eat these any way.

My hunger was trying to justify stealing kale chips from children, as I knew full well that this crew of kids would devour this culinary delicacy as well as any adult.  In my selfish state of hunger and delight I kept picking as I cooked.  Luckily the steak was off the grill and we were preparing to eat.  As predicted the kids came in wanting bowls and bowls of kale.  I found myself in a state of guilt but I was still snatching the chips of their plates as they ran outside to eat.

Tonight I had my first real protein dinner with salmon and I even made a few more kale chips.  I even treated myself to desert as I made Rose’s favorite angel food cake to celebrate her first full week of retirement.   Fresh organic strawberries, homemade chocolate ganache and whip cream accompanied it. I was impressed that while I was making it I had no urge to steal bites or take excessive taste tests.  I also was happy with the small piece and did not feel the urge for more.  This week was a real success even though I had many emotional peaks and valleys.  This week I plan to continue with my clean eating but I will incorporate fish, eggs and Siggi’s yogurt (it is an organic yogurt from grass fed cows that has no added sugar) to start.  I am still avoiding meat and processed food.  I have ran a lot this week but I would like to get to a higher mileage this week. I will need more calories than this weeks diet can provide.  I am approaching this as a reset for my eating rather than a diet.  I started off fairly extreme which should make the rest of this seem easy.  For now my night of indulgence is not over.  I think I might grab a glass of wine!  I will try to refrain from stealing kale chips for children this week.


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4 Responses to Stealing Kale Chips from Children

  1. wwwmama says:

    I was just asking someone yesterday how to make kale chips. Can you give me all the details? I’ve only had them once and loved them. You’re inspiring me to clean up. I’ve been on the other side of it this weekend with lots of burgers in Ohio.

    • khpixler says:

      They are so easy to make! Just preheat your oven at 425. I buy an organic Kale that is thoroughly washed and chopped. Kale can be a pain to clean as it can be very sandy and I try to keep it as easy as possible. Place that on a baking sheet try not to overlap to much as it will not roast properly. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and throw on some chopped garlic to taste (I use at least 4 cloves). Put it in the oven until the kale begins to wilt. I usually let mine get a little brown on the edges before I pull it out. I do this routine with almost all of my veggies as the kids seem to eat anything roasted but Kale is a favorite.

      The two things you need to be careful of is try not to put on too much olive oil and do not crowd the pan. Either of those things will cause the kale to get soggy. Once the oven is hot you can do batches every 5 minutes. You can even put two pans in side by side to get more done. Have fun with the rest of your trip in OH!

      • Kristen R. says:

        I am also a fan of the kale chips. They are so good so I cannot blame you for stealing them off of plates — children or adults. 🙂

  2. wwwmama says:

    Yum!! Thank you! I’m so gonna do this.

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