KHP – The Wishing Well

My daughter LP has always had an extremely vivid imagination and at 6 she still gets reality mixed up with her imaginary world.  When she was 2 years old she pretended that Diego and Baby Jaguar were her companions.  We were outback in the field walking our dog, Zeego  and LP was walking her imaginary friend Baby Jaguar.  All of the sudden LP tripped into the soft dirt.  She was crying hysterically and no one could console her.  I was frantically checking for broken bones, lacerated appendages or missing limbs. My mother-in-law realized that LP thought she had fallen on top of her imaginary friend and crushed him.  We pretended to pick up her little friend and nurse him back to health.  We stood by relieved that she was calm but amazed by her sense of imagination.

Recently this imagination has begun to create a few sleep problems and a bit of disappointment.   LP has decided that her bucket is an actual wishing well.  She hides it underneath the desk in the kitchen.  It is a simple bucket we painted and used during preschool.  It is not fancy or special in any way but to her it is magic.  She begged Matt and I for over a week to build her a well in the backyard so she could make her wishes.  Our compromise was this little bucket which was originally placed in the garage and has now found its way inside.  She steals moments to go underneath the desk, drop her coins in the water while she whispers her wishes into bucket.

This all seems very cute and a beautiful demonstration of childhood dreams.  We have tried to support her and give her opportunities to express herself and develop her creativity.  Our issue is she believes these wishes will come true with all of her heart.  She has found me early in the morning weeping that she did wake up with her wings that she wished for the night before.  She has had a hard time falling asleep with the excitement of a wish come true, an excitement that seems to exceed the anticipation of Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning.  Matt and I are both at a loss.  We do not want to take away from her childhood dreams or steal the magic away but we are not sure how healthy this is for her.  I have made up excuses for the missing wishes.  I explained that when she falls asleep her wishes are coming true that she is flying over the town spreading fairy dust on all of her friends.  I was hoping that this would help her fall asleep, eliminate the disappointment but allow her to keep her imagination in tact until she was ready to dismiss it on her own. This approach seems to have worked but it feels like a patch rather than a solution.

I am curious to see if anyone else has experienced this type of issue with their children.  What should we do??

KHP Art Below

KHP - A layout for a mixed media piece I will start this week.  I need a few more supplies.  This will be a relief painting.

KHP – A layout for a mixed media piece I will start this week. I need a few more supplies. This will be a relief painting.


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4 Responses to KHP – The Wishing Well

  1. Kristen R. says:

    This is so sweet but I definitely understand your concern. Both my girls have vivid imaginations that I want to cultivate, but this would be a tough one. We’ve always done our best to grow their imaginations, encourage them in every way possible, and try to make them brave and kind, while being true to what they believe.

    The Bean loves writing and her favorite thing to do is fill notebooks full of facts and fiction. She has a notebook about gardening, one about her family, one with stories she makes up about everything you can imagine — and there are probably five more notebooks with who knows what in them. What if you took her on a notebook shopping trip and let her pick out a couple of notebooks or a binder/paper (we love our school supplies here, what can i say)? But before that, you can talk to her about her wishes — some come true, like going to Disney World, having an amazing adventure, or getting a dog — but these things don’t always happen overnight. The wishing well holds onto those wishes until the time is right, like when you got Maggie. But, other wishes, such as waking up with wings, can only happen during a magic time — at night in our dreams. So what she can do is write down all the magical dream stories she can think of, then share those with you so you can all enjoy her “magic” wishes when you’re awake. Then, just reinforce that for a while — at night, ask her what wish she’ll have granted during her dreams; during the day, ask her what wish-dream she’s going to write about and share with you.

    I love her purity: The hope in the wishing well and anticipation of what it may bring. What I said above might be going overboard, but finding some balance of keeping a little magic, while managing her expectations will probably work if you can find the right “in” for her.

  2. wwwmama says:

    Oh this is beautiful but must be so hard as a parent. I love Kristen’s idea. In the end she must find her own balance. Life will bring her down in its own way. I think as parents we have to keep finding ways for magic to exist for them

  3. 1createblogs says:

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