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It has been a very rough week emotionally for me and I am trying to pull my head out of the sand.  I am dealing with a lot of self confidence issues with coaching and trying to fight the negative thoughts creeping in to my head.  Unfortunately, this is the least of my worries.

I found out this weekend that LP is dealing with a bully at school.  My beautiful, creative little fairy is being intimidated by an older child at recess.  It is a complicated story but we figured this all out on Sunday as we were snacking at the park after a fun play date with friends. LP, PP and I met our buddies to ride scooters and run around on a beautiful fall like day.  We headed to my van to take a break and snack a little bit before heading home.    LP noticed a car pulling into the parking lot and mentioned that it was a girl from school, I will name her S. Two minutes later LP said she felt horrible and needed to go home.  On the way home she said I had to hurry as she needed to go to the bathroom.  I raced home and pulled into the drive way to find my husband sitting in his chair watching the temperature of his chicken in the smoker.  LP raced over to see him.  I rushed out of the car and told her to go upstairs to the bathroom.  She turned with a smile and said she felt fine and went over to get her scooter out of the car.

My mommy senses were going off and I explained the event to Matt.  He immediately called LP over and asked about the girl, S, from school.  LP explained she was afraid of S, as she hits her during recess.  We asked why and LP did not know but she was obviously extremely upset and afraid.  I immediately got on the computer and emailed her teacher.  The school got right on the situation and went on to investigate and inform all the teachers about the incident.

On top of trying to navigate my way through helping LP deal with a bully and avoid the trap of being a victim.  My sister-in-law is making her last stand against cancer.  She was deemed terminal two years ago and the doctor’s ceased treatment.  She was given radiation which she responded tremendously too.  She never allowed the doctors to give her a timeline but I know she surpassed their wildest expectations.  She is a fighter. She  battled her way through the last two years to see her oldest daughter start her senior year of high school and her youngest daughter find her way into pre-school.  Her body is literally riddled with tumors in her spine, cervix, liver, intestines and throughout her endocrine system.  She is bed ridden but this time she will not be getting back up. I hope we can help ease her burdens and make her precious time left as comfortable as possible.

So when I think of my issues at work or LP’s problems at school, I know how lucky I am to be there to work through it with my family.  I don’t know what the next few weeks will hold but I hope for sunshine to break through the clouds and healing can come where it can be found.

Look it is a trash sun dial!

Look it is a trash sun dial!

This image makes me happy.  I love broken up industrial, rusted metal!

This image makes me happy. I love broken up industrial, rusted metal!

This just is a perfect analogy for my internal self this week.  I need a clean up.

This just is a perfect analogy for my internal self this week. 

A lovely pile of debris found outside our farmer neighbor's land.  Lovely I know.

A lovely pile of debris found outside our farmer neighbor’s land. .


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5 Responses to KHP – Internal

  1. wwwmama says:

    Oh, I’m so so sorry to read about all this. That must be so awful. Your sister in law sounds brave and amazing. Free was bullied in kindergarten, and I wish I had dealt with it as swiftly and effectively as it sounds like you are dealing with it. You are a wonderful mother, sister, and coach. I hope you find the strength you need.

    • khpixler says:

      Thanks Claire, it means a lot. We are lucky that LP’s school is very small and it is easy to get the word around. She seems to be doing fine but she is not always forthcoming with information.

  2. Kristen R. says:

    Aw, friend, I am so sorry you’re having a rough time. You will find your coaching groove soon. It’s still new but it will flow back before you know it. You’re a good coach. I’m really sorry about your sister-in-law. It’s really heartbreaking and I hope your family gets through it and can lean on one another. And, you did just what you should with the bullying. We always told the Bean to stand up for herself and others, but also to find a teacher who can help. Emailing her teacher was right one.

    Hang in there, keep your chin up and you’ll feel better soon enough. Your favorite season is approaching!

    • khpixler says:

      It is!! I cannot wait for all the fall fun with the girls and ladies:)) With LP I reacted a little too strongly when I first heard. I told her to never let someone hit her and if she cannot get away she should hit her back. I was so forceful that she was concerned I was mad at her. I also told her to tell the teacher but she was shocked when I told her to hit her back. I just don’t want her to let anyone intimidate her that is so much worse than the physical part. It seems we nipped it in the bud and now we can focus on my sister-in-law and her family. It means so much to have you all there to pick me up.

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