KHP – Friday Night Quicky

More slow progress on the church.

More slow progress on the church.

I am sitting in my parents basement watching my girls slumber quietly on their blow up mattress on the floor. They have finally calmed down from all of the excitement of the day. We drove down in the rain after my soccer practice to meet up with my sister and her husband at my parents house for the weekend. A bunch of people are staying here for the weekend to run the Freedom’s Run. The past two years I have run this race and I absolutely love it. I have recruited my brother-in-law, K and now it is turned into one of his all time favorite races. K spread the word to his super-star-runner brother-in-law, D, and he will run (perhaps win) the full marathon tomorrow. Unfortunately the race will not run its normal course. This race normally winds, undulates and climbs its way out of three separate national parks and crosses into three different states in the full Marathon (I never said it was easy just awesome!). K and I have run the half marathon race of this event but there is also a 5k, 10k and 1 mile kids fun run that LP will attempt tomorrow. The race will still run tomorrow but the entire course for each race was altered due to the government shut down here in the USA. We can run through national parks and that was the entirety of each race.

On a personal note I will not be able to race tomorrow either. I will be leaving the girls in the trusted hands of my parents and sister while I drive back up to Mercersburg and jump on a bus with my soccer players whom are competing in their first MAPL game of the season. The teams in MAPL are all very competitive and our opponent tomorrow is the best in the league. We will travel to New Jersey, right outside Princeton in the morning and return in the evening. I have my bag packed with papers to grade, my laptop to catch up on some freelance work, and my tablet for possible recreational reading. I am very sad to miss the race tomorrow but with the current state of affairs it maybe the best year to miss. I will hold out for next year to run swiftly on a gorgeous October day up and down the rolling hills of Antietam Battle field and feel the soft ground on the C&O canal as I gaze upon the morning light trickling across the potomac. I will stop to see my favorite Lama, an odd cheerleader along the course and make an excuse to walk so I can munch on a hand full of gummy bears along the road. I hope my family has a fantastic time tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear how they all did. I am sure the course will still be fun as the race directors are some of the best in the business. Happy Trails Runners!


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One Response to KHP – Friday Night Quicky

  1. wwwmama says:

    That sounds like an awesome race! I hope you get some rest time alone in there. You deserve it.

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