Kristen R: Training Week 10 – Good ending to the week

After a week of not sticking to my mid-week plan, I rounded out the week out with a scheduled 12-mile long run.

I started the run with my Saturday running partner who ran with me for the first eight. She’s coaching a novice half team for the Richmond Half Marathon in November (the race I’m training for). Since they are tackling 10-miles this morning, she didn’t want to do the full 12, and I cannot blame her for that. Kudos for her doing an eight and 10 back-to-back.

It was a drizzly morning and we got soaked, but after a quick goodbye, I hit the last four miles feeling good. It was a slow run, but my legs felt good tackling that distance. I needed this after a week of lower mileage and cutting a few runs short.

Mileage to date and week 10 mileage below. I’lll 800 miles for the year this week!

Gotta run!
Kristen R.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.27.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.29.57 PM

KHP Art Below

KHP - A little work on the bus to NJ with the soccer team.  I actually like this development.

KHP – A little work on the bus to NJ with the soccer team. I actually like this development.


About Kristen R.

Counting down to 40, while juggling motherhood, marriage, the corporate grind & middle-of-the-pack running. It's OK to point & laugh.
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8 Responses to Kristen R: Training Week 10 – Good ending to the week

  1. khpixler says:

    Nice work on the 12 miler!!! You are going to rock the half!!!!!

    • Kristen says:

      you know, I will certainly have the base — and the 12 actually felt pretty good — but I am having to come to grips w/ the fact that I am just not speedy. Not that I was trying to be speedy, but I’m just not a fast girl. I can run for a long time, but I won’t break any records doing it. I enjoy myself, though, and that’s a good thing. 🙂

      • khpixler says:

        Yeah, I am in the same boat. I am trying to get to the place where I am okay with being slow but it pisses me off sometimes. I think feeling on the slow end of the spectrum and being injured a lot is bumming me out a little bit. On the other hand I am really happy I have been able to juggle it all (fairly well) and keep plugging away.

      • Kristen R. says:

        You have been juggling very well. Chin up — and plug away!

  2. wwwmama says:

    Great job! Hope you’re resting today

    • Kristen says:

      Yep, just a one-mile recovery run today — and was not sore, either. That’s one thing that’s helped me this year — all this running means that I don’t get sore after long runs. Although, I must admit, I was SORE after the 200-mile relay race but it didn’t last long. That’s a big improvement after last year.

      I told KHP this, though — I am coming to terms w/ the fact that I’m just not speedy. I can run for a long time,but it’s just not going to be fast. And it’s OK. Well, for now it is. 😉

      • wwwmama says:

        You are strong, and that is what counts. I am sore after every long run, and it’s in a different place each time. I feel wimpy about it. We are all awesome for getting out there and doing it!

      • Kristen R. says:

        absolutely awesome! There’s a quote I see sometimes looking for running stuff that says ‘you’re lapping everyone on the couch’ and it’s totally true. I am a runner, no matter how fast or slow. And you are, too, no matter how fast or slow. Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

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