Kristen R: Why yes, that is my rock-hard calf muscle

strongerSo the other night, the hubby and I were finally relaxing on the couch after a long day of work, kid corralling, and yes, running, when I busted a move. I stretched my legs out over his lap and gave him that look.

It’s not what you think. That look, I’m sorry to say, is one he knows all too well. It’s the please-will-you-rub-my-tired-feet look.

Yes, fellas, that look.

And my sweet husband kindly obliged, despite his tired, sore and long-ago injured hands. I should say that he always obliges because, well, he’s just good to me. Plain and simple.

For me, these foot rubs signal the very end of my day. They help me finally relax. I let go of any stresses I might have had at work or home, and they definitely help release any physical stress from being a daily runner.

But the other night, something funny happened. My husband rubbed my feet, then started to massage my calves, when he got concerned.

“You need to get a massage – or at least stretch out your calves more.”

“Why,” I asked.

“Because you’re really tight. That can’t be good.”

And that’s when I perked up. A smirk crossed my lips. I raised my eyebrows. I sat up a bit.  I felt a little proud. “It’s not tight,” I said, probably a little sheepishly. “It’s hard,” I told him. Then, I smiled and said, half jokingly and half not, “It’s my rock-hard calf muscle.”

That’s right, people. Somewhere amidst all this running and training and daily craziness, girlfriend got some muscle back.

Yes, I admit that I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m really seeing the changes in the fit of my clothes and tightness in my legs. Those are muscles in there and you know what? I’m working them like a boss.

Today, I wore a dress to work I haven’t worn since having my second baby (ahem, yes, yes, I know: the baby is now a three-and-a-half year old). When I got home, I tried on a few other things I’ve pushed to to back of the closet — the section for the clothes that are too big or too small.

Well, all those too-small dresses? Fit! My go-to little black dressy dress (that I need for an upcoming wedding)? I’m swimming in it — way too big! And, while, yes, this is journey about strength and endurance and commitment, I just need to bask in this totally superficial moment for just one moment, please — and I’m going to be a little girly about it: EEEEE!

OK. Done. Thanks.

P.S. I cannot WAIT to go shopping for a new LBD this weekend. The end.

Gotta run!
Kristen R.

Good training runs this week, by the way. Pace and speed runs, so far, as well as a recovery one-miler. That’s not half bad considering I did a 12-miler Saturday. We’ll see how I do on the hills tomorrow.

800+ miles. 60+ for October.

800+ miles. 60+ for October.

KHP Art Below

KHP - Sleeping beauties.  I took a break from grading to sketch last night.  This one is of LP.

KHP – Sleeping beauties. I took a break from grading to sketch last night. This one is of LP.

KHP - PP with her blankie wrapped up around her face.

KHP – PP with her blankie wrapped up around her face.


About Kristen R.

Counting down to 40, while juggling motherhood, marriage, the corporate grind & middle-of-the-pack running. It's OK to point & laugh.
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7 Responses to Kristen R: Why yes, that is my rock-hard calf muscle

  1. wwwmama says:

    I can totally hear you making that EEEEEE!!! noise! So funny. You go, woman! It’s great to celebrate these things. I, on the other hand, have a bigger belly and weigh more than ever before. That’s ok though. I do feel stronger. I’m proud of you for rocking the running all year!

  2. taylorva says:

    My hands are sore from reading this.

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