Claire: Running out of time

I’m feeling the time crunch today in many ways. My first quarter grades are due on Friday, and I’m nowhere near being done with the grading, let alone figuring out how to enter them on our new grading software system. My half-marathon training days are nearing an end with only 10 days left until the big day. I am not wishing for more days, however, as every workout feels tough at this stage. Today I could barely get through my run on the treadmill and almost cut it short about a thousand times.

Every moment counts during the week when I’m trying to get Free through her daily routines; her teacher let me and her dad know yesterday that she was too tired at school to get any real work done. Now the fight to get her to bed even earlier begins, and we are working backwards from that ideal bedtime to fit everything in. The trouble is, when what’s on the list is bath, dinner, homework, and the commute home, there really isn’t anything that we can cut out. Thank goodness her fall soccer season ends on Saturday; it’s been a great season for her, but we’re all ready for a break.

The blog year is winding down as well, and I am still feeling frustrated with the lack of inspiration I’ve had for at least the last month. I’d love to finish strong and get some more work done on my vignette project before the end of the year, but sometimes I just have very little left when I sit down to write. Tonight, for example, all I want to do is get to bed, and I feel precious minutes slipping away as I sit here hoping for a good idea or turn of phrase to pop into my head. It feels like a hopeless battle, just like those treadmill miles, slow and plodding and lacking a spark. I know I have to do the miles, but I wish my writing legs felt stronger right now.

We gained an hour with daylight savings, but all I’m feeling is the extra bloated weight of a work-heavy fall season. I’m sure there are lessons and opportunities and inspiration all around me, but I’m too tired to see them. My eyes are too heavy-lidded to lift easily, and all I see is the haze of too many items on my to-do list. In the background of all this, Newman and I are in talks to make a plan for winter vacation, and time is ticking on the possibility of getting somewhere warm with a do-able flight and within our budget.

What do you do when it’s all a bit much and you need a break? Often, taking a break is just not possible. I greatly appreciate when it is. For me, right now, a break will only come when my work is done, however, and when Free finishes her first sport season. We have to finish what we started. Then we can rest, right? That’s all I can think about right now.

KHP Art Below

KHP - The plate is out and I am beginning the image transfer.  I always want to skip through this so I can start carving!!! Maybe by tonight.

KHP – The plate is out and I am beginning the image transfer. I always want to skip through this so I can start carving!!! Maybe by tonight.

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2 Responses to Claire: Running out of time

  1. khpixler says:

    I feel the exact same way but it is my coaching that is coming to end this Saturday that will open up some time. I have a backlog at this point that I will be digging out of until Spring semester starts. I always think the last stretch is the hardest, I know the end is near and mentally I start shutting down. I need to jump start my endurance. I am hoping too, to have a really strong inspirational finish at the end. I bet you will feel more inspired after the half. It is probably hard to be training on both at the same time while trying to juggle family, work, relationships, the house, and all the other stuff we do. It will come. Plus, you are freaking fantastic!

    • Kristen R. says:

      Love that! Yes, you are freaking fantastic. I agree, though, that after the half you’ll feel like you get some of your life back. I’ve been feeling really overloaded at work, and while has been busier than usual, I also know I’ll feel less preoccupied after the half, as well. It’s like this big looming thing I’ve been waiting to face — and not in a bad way, but just in that way that makes you feel like something’s looming… Plus, with the time change, I feel a bit out of my groove. It’s dark when I drive home now and it makes me feel like I’m late, behind on everything and so I feel rushed. We’ll hit our groove with these shorter days, too. Just gotta remember what that groove is like.

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