KHP – A Deep Breathe

LP running ahead on the trail.

LP running ahead on the trail.

Miss Maggie scouting the trail.

Miss Maggie scouting the trail.

The stream as we approached the parking lot where  we reached our car and warmth.

The stream as we approached the parking lot where we reached our car and warmth.

This week feels very strange, a new routine,  and thankfully a slower schedule.  With the end of the soccer season and my afternoons free, I find myself getting caught up on some work, I am sleeping a bit more and I get more time with my lovely little girls.  I miss the girls on the soccer team and I will miss playing with that special group of ladies but I am thankful for a lull in the schedule. The week started with Veteran’s Day off for my girls.  I still had to teach, so the girls went over to spend the day with their cousins.  I administered the second exam for my computer class and then I went home to sit in front of the computer for grading and freelance work.  On Tuesday LP got out of school early for Parent/Teacher conferences.

LP, Maggie and I decided to go for a short hike in Caledonia with a our unusual free hours in the afternoon.  Maggie loves going for hikes. The beagle in her comes out in full force when we walk down the rugged trails.  She follows her nose chasing grasshoppers, bunnies and anything else that flees in her wake.  LP loves the time outside but I have to guide her along as her imagination gets the best of her.  She desperately loves to explore but her irrational fears creep in when her imagination takes off.  PP mentioned that she saw a bear on our last hike (her own imagination taking off) and now LP believes we will see a ferocious animal at every turn.  Upon her request we kept to a trail that was sunny and open.   We hiked along the ridge looking down at a stream trickling through a forest of saplings.

I brought my camera to snap a few pictures, trying to steal a moment or two when LP was  unaware of the camera.  She has recently decided she does not like her picture taken and will shy away as soon as she sees me turn my focus on her. As good as I am at stealing sweet moments she is better at avoiding them.   I was happy to capture her running through the grass following the lead of Maggie the wonder dog.

We turned around after a mile to return to the car.  It was cold as the sun started to drop behind the mountains and the wind picked up bringing a chill through our coats.  LP and I walked hand in hand as we talked about silly things we saw along the trail.  Maggie rushed back and forth, darting around investigating every inch of the terrain.  LP was getting cold and a little tired.  We made it back to the car to warm up.  We stopped at the coffee shop for a hot chocolate on the way home.

We arrived home to meet PP, Rose and Matt coming in.  We sat around the table talking, drawing and sipping on our warm beverages.  I felt so calm and content.  I hope this last, I don’t want to let it go.  It feels balanced. It feels like the right amount of hours of work, the right amount of time with my family and the right amount of time for my personal goals and projects.  I hope my family feels the warmth I feel.  I hope they feel my deep breathe, my sigh that has released a very difficult time that has seemed to last for the majority of this past year.  I feel the rest, the healthy part of my body and brain push forward. I hope this warmth and calmness seeps out to my family.

I feel so fortunate that this lull will coincide with the holidays.  I can’t wait to gather and celebrate with my friends and family.  I can’t wait to start off the season with our Making-it-Daily gathering in Richmond this weekend.  I will be benched on this race but in all honesty it is more important to see the people than to run the race.  The race will be there for me, an annual excuse to see KR (perhaps we can rope Claire in even if we decide or need to run the 8K).  I will be happy to cheer on KR and Claire as they run their race.  I know it will be an amazing day.  Perhaps we all can share a deep breathe together after their run.  The pressure is off, the work is done, it is just time to enjoy the day.


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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, athlete, wife and mom of two beautiful girls. Trying to make it daily.
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4 Responses to KHP – A Deep Breathe

  1. watchdinorun says:

    Very beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kristen R. says:

    Lovely pics! Can’t wait to see you — and take that deep breath and relax. Ahhh…

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