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I am sitting in KR’s house trying to finish up my blog post so I can go down and enjoy a little more time with KR, her family and Claire before I have to leave for home. We had such an amazing weekend. It was great to see them and celebrate together. We have so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for.
Claire and KR had amazing races. I was so happy to see them run and accomplish their goals. I will let them fill you in on their fun on the road race. I unfortunately was asked by my doctor not to run. She is still not sure what is going on with my foot and she would like to get a better handle on it before I really start plugging away on the miles.

I drove down with them on the rainy Saturday morning to show my support. I was not sure what I planned to do but my favorite trails would be close. I wore my running clothes just in case. As you will see I opted for a short trail run. I was sad not to run with KR and Claire but my consolation was pretty awesome. Part of why I love running so much, lies on the muddy trails along the James River in Richmond. There is over 16 miles of trails you can connect right in the city. They are technical, muddy and just down right fun. At one point along my run, I felt guilty for having this much fun when my loyalty was out on the road running the half. I felt a lack of closure when I watch my blog mates start their race. Along the trail I began to wonder if all my injuries were meant to lead my back here along the rocky, mossy, muddy trail with the river off in the horizon. After so many months of running and ignoring my injury, I started to forget why I love running. I found it again on the trail yesterday.

On another note, my foot, hip and hamstring felt pretty good on the trail. I will not be running on the road for a while and I will not be running more than a 10k for awhile but if I can run on a trail how cares!

Now, it is time to enjoy my lovelies for a bit more. Gotta run.


This is where I said my final encouragements before KR, Claire and S went off to run the half. This is the lobby of KR’s workplace. I was waiting here for the rain to stop and deciding my plan of action. My choices Starbucks or Belle Isle for an attempt to trail run. I choose the trail run. I am so glad I did.


This is the foot bridge going across the river. This is the beginning of my old running loop.


A view from the bridge. It was still raining a bit and the fog was hanging low over the river. That little island is the home of tons of birds.


Another view of the river. It was raining so hard when we left so I decided not to bring my camera out in the rain. I took this portfolio with my camera phone using the Hipstimatic app. I then processed them again in Camera Raw.


A pillar remnant. If you could see underneath the water you would find a ton of relics from the steel mill and the civil war laying trapped underneath rock. In the summer during a drought you can see steel rebar poking straight from the river floor. You should not jump into this river but I see people do it every summer.


Looking back at the city from the bridge.


NIce reflections on the bridge.


Looking across the river to the downtown town. Still more remnants from the steel mill in the foreground.


I have always loved this thing.


Coming off the bridge and getting ready to run.


More relics on the island.


This is the shot I really wanted to show you. I was having entire too much fun up top to stop and take pictures. This is one of the ascents to the single track on top of Belle Island. Normally I would have run one loop and then found my way across another section of river to the Buttermilk Trail but I opted to stay here. To cross the river you have to hope over City of Rocks which is a 1/8 mile (or so) of climbing from one boulder to the next to connect the trails. It was extremely wet and slippery plus I was worried about getting back to see the ladies finish. I still had a blast and yes, I did get covered in mud. It is the sign of a great trail run.


In the summer after a run, I would stop here with my dogs to look at the river. A little further up is a nice place to stick your feet in and let the dogs take a dip.


The James River has a class 5 rapid running through the middle of downtown. Hollywood rapid is a famous class 5 rapid in this stretch of river. This is not the rapid but still a nice shot of river.


The rock quarry where I used to teach climbing camp.


I love this building but it does house some unsavory characters. I have never explored it the way I want to.

IMG_2693web IMG_2697web


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