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Next week PP will turn 4 years old. I was going to create a gallery of images of both girls but this seemed more appropriate to pay a little tribute to the small the one, on the day of her party. Well, we hope she is still going to have her party today. The snow will start falling soon and party plans may need to be altered. She is so excited about today and will be very disappointed if our plans need to be altered.

It seems appropriate that her party maybe postponed due to a huge snow storm.  PP was born in the first blizzard of a season of blizzards.  She was born right before Christmas and many of my siblings were coming into town for the holiday and to meet their new niece. My sister coming from Georgia was convinced she could beat the storm.  Matt, my husband,  pleaded with them to wait but she a was bound and determined to get here for the birth.  So my sister, L, her husband, B, and son R, spent the next 3 days stranded in their car along  I-81 in Virginia.  There were lines of cars and trucks unable to make it up the roads.  They were trapped without proper supplies.  The cars were trying to conserve gas so they turned off the engines and huddled in their cars for warmth.  My brother-in-law, B, is an athlete but eats horribly.  He loves chocolate more than any woman I know and can eat more of it than any woman I know while still looking like a professional baseball player.  On this day his chocolate and junk food addiction came in handy.  The family survived on Snickers bars, Milkyways and Doritos.   The first hotel they made it to was a resort, just their luck.

While all of the chaos was happening out on the roads, I was holding my new little baby.  Matt had returned home briefly to check on L.  The snow was falling, the light was dim and I looked into this perfect little face.  I was so happy to have my quiet private moments with her.  I would not have many of them when I returned home.  She nuzzled into my chest.  I looked at her perfect little fingers, her full lips that were pursed for a kiss, the lovely curve of her eyelids and her delicate eyelashes that touched her cheek.

She was such a sleepy,  quiet baby and  she turned into my do-it-herself kid.  She has a huge heart, she loves to talk, she has an incredible strong sense of justice and is extremely sensitive. This big heart and sensitivity make her feel wise beyond her years, she understands when people are hurt and need help or a hug.  She has always known even as a small baby, she has looked into your eyes with her big blue gems, wrapped her arms around your neck and rubbing your back gently to console you when you are sad or stressed.  She has always seemed to understand the big picture.  With all this wonderful sensitivity does bring a few issues. She feels very strongly, so if she feels a sense of injustice or if she is hurt she flies off into a rage that is difficult to talk her down.  She is big and strong for her age and she will retaliate.  This is an area we are working with her to think before she reacts, to absorb the situation rather than reacting instantly to her emotions.  We are making progress but her sensitivity is her strength along with her weakness.  We are trying to teach her to deal with her emotions more logically rather than trying to stifle them.

P, has amazed me with her determination, her humor and her ability to laugh at herself from a very very young age.  P did everything early.  She got her first tooth at three months, she rolled over both ways around the same time, she was crawling all over the house at 6 months and was walking by 9 months.  She did this by sheer determination.  She would sit on her bum and rock back and forth, when she got enough momentum she would throw herself forward.  Landing on her forearms she would army crawl while her little body shook with fatigue, and her face began to turn bright red.  I watched her with amazement as I never had seen a child so determined in my life but then P did something very strange.  She began to giggle.  She continued pulling her body across the floor, she still was struggling, quivering under the strain but she was laughing about it.

My little P, how many times did you walk off the end of the couch just to see what would happen.  It had the same outcome every time, it resulted in pain and a sore bum.  How many times have you clogged up the sink in the bathroom playing with dolls?  Too many, thank goodness I am handy.  How many times have I walked into a room to find a mystery slime on the wall or window.  Then there was the time you ate a washable green crayon and you pooped lime green for 3 days.   You are funny, athletic, smart and kind.  You make me smile, laugh and cry everyday.  I cannot imagine life without you.  You are my little P, a gem like those blue eyes that see so much.

KHP Art Below

KHP - A got a little more work done on my illustration for the girls.

KHP – A got a little more work done on my illustration for the girls.


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2 Responses to KHP – Reflection of the P

  1. Kristen R. says:

    This is so sweet! It’s making me tear up. Happy birthday, P! Can’t believe I haven’t met you, yet. We’ll have to change that next year.

  2. wwwmama says:

    So nice. She is such a cutie. Thank goodness for our kids. They will save us all.

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