KHP – Reflection 4 – Little Princess

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I will get back to more serious reflections but these are really fun for me. It is a selfish pleasure to go back and look through the little album of images I created of both girls. I really love going through the year and looking at how much my girls have changed. Each picture brings back a moment we had together. Each picture brings clarity back to the blur of time passing over the past year. I really cannot believe we only have 5 or 6 posts left of this amazing journey. Our families came along for the ride, they supported, edited, altered and morphed along with us.

Today I get to focus on LP, my little princess. It is funny to me that I have a little princess as I was never much of one as a young girl or an adult. I would rather be running in bare feet in the sand, digging a hole, jumping rope or exploring in the woods. LP, likes to do all of these things, we like many of the same things but her life will be wrapped in a pink lacy package where mine is wrapped in a green canvas sack.

When I was coaching soccer in Virginia, I had two players we called LP. One of these players was our very tough and intelligent goalie. Her sister was 10 years older and was part of the faculty at the school where I taught and coached. I found out from her that LP’s nickname was not just the initials of her name but really stood for Little Princess.

My LP, would fit the typical ideals of a little princess. She is sweet, well behaved, very clean, well spoken, generous and smart. She is very conscious of her dress would prefer to wear nothing but a pretty pink dress. She is cautious and concerned about the right way to do things.

She is also extremely imaginative. Her caution and her imagination wrestle with one another on a daily basis. My post about the wishing well is a great example of this.

What I love to see as she grows, is her uniqueness blossom. I like to see how her concern as a preschooler has developed into an attentive student. I love that this year she is excited about school and her favorite subject is library. I am so proud of the person she is and the person she will become. As her independence grows I feel more relaxed as I know I am doing my job. I know tides can change and shift but whatever happens I will be right by her side. She is my shadow and I will be hers. She is my reflection as it ripples on the water spreading out into the world. Little pieces of me she will carry with her into an amazing life.


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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, athlete, wife and mom of two beautiful girls. Trying to make it daily.
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6 Responses to KHP – Reflection 4 – Little Princess

  1. Kristen R. says:

    Very sweet and fitting for your little princess. She looks so very much like you and your stories and descriptions really do make her sound like your shadow.

  2. Such gorgeous photos! It’s crazy to see how fast my children change in such little time…I was organizing photos from 2 months ago and they seem like such little babies in those photos. 😦

  3. wwwmama says:

    So sweet. Your little shadows are both so precious.

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