KHP – Reflection 5 – A Winter Wonderland

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As I was waiting for the bus to drop off LP, I started snapping a few pix. LP wanted to stay out and play as today was warmer than it had been in weeks. The snow was still on the ground so we switched into snow boots and went out back by the farmers field to let Magpie off to play. She loves the snow as much as the kids.

As I was going through the photos and realized that the winter is my favorite time to shoot. I created a gallery of the Iphone pictures I took today and a gallery of some of the photos I took last winter. Looking back at my writing it was obvious the winter was taking its toll on my emotions, my health and my general attitude. It is a hard thing to work at home during a long hard winter. I never noticed the winter’s in Richmond, they were mild, I was out at my job and then off to the gym. I never felt cabin fever, I never felt the walls closing in as I do now. It takes a while for the winter blues to catch on but they eventually do around February or March. I am hoping this year I will be out and about with less effect from my winter wonderland.

I love taking pictures this time of year, my running is better, and I enjoy feeling the world slow down a touch after the holidays. It is a good time for me to work on artwork and enjoy the family. There is so much I enjoy about this time of year. I just need to keep my immune system high and my mind and body active making sure to spend sometime outside even when the weather is cold and miserable.

Winter photography is wonderful. I enjoy seeing the leaves on the trees, as they turn colors to fall off in Autumn but there is something so incredible about seeing the skeleton of the forest. To see the network of branches crossing and weaving with one another. The way the vines wrap so tightly in a rope that looks so hearty and powerful. Each type of tree has its own type of line work creating a different atmosphere in the photographs.

I loved exploring the ice formations around the streams in the swampy areas of the forest. It is amazing to see how the condensation eventually forms in these amazing little ice gems that hang on branches and leaves over the streams.

I found faces, creatures and monsters in the roots and trunks of the trees. My favorite of these is the lion head I found in the roots of a fallen tree. It looks so much like a lion it could have been a photograph of a sculpted head of lion rather than a tree. I remember I found the Lorax hiding where a tree branch ripped off the trunk after an ice storm. It was a perfect image to find as my girls were reading the Lorax every night before bed for months. They thought I was magical since the Lorax allowed me to see him.

There are so many stories like this from last years winter photo season. I can’t wait to start this year off with new discoveries and adventures.


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4 Responses to KHP – Reflection 5 – A Winter Wonderland

  1. Kristen R. says:

    These are great shots! I cannot believe what different winter worlds the three of us are in right now. No snow here and I could have run in shorts yesterday. Happy winter!

    • khpixler says:

      Uggg, It has been really cold and lots of snow. This weekend it is going to warm up but rain before it gets cold again. I am definitely not running in shorts these days:) I am mostly riding the trainer in the garage and lifting but that is my hip not the cold. My outdoor gear is tights and lots of layers:) It is amazing what a few hours can do to the weather. I can’t imagine what it is like up in Claire’s world if it is already 27 and snowing here.

  2. wwwmama says:

    I love the Lorax story. So great.

    • khpixler says:

      What is it like up there now. We are getting lots of snow down here and the weather seems really cold for December. Are you guys freezing? The Lorax story is so fun but it is the girl’s imagination I am piggybacking off of.

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