Claire: Making it Happen

Well, it’s almost come to the end, and I promised myself that I would try to be more specific about how I would make my goals a reality next year.

In this post, I laid out goals for next year that seemed meaningful on a personal level and challenging enough without being impossible in the real day to day progression of my life. Now I want to break down for myself what I intend to do to make those goals a reality.


1. “Break that 24 minute wall for a 5K”

My January-March fitness goal is to return to the 3x weekly running/workout schedule that motivates me when motivation is low. I have dropped off completely over the holidays, and I just want to get back to somewhat regular working out to get through the winter. When I work out 3 times a week, the minimum run is a 5k, but I can substitute a full gym class if I want. My plan is that when I can regularly run outside, I will incorporate track workouts and 5K races into my springtime routine to make my goal a reality. I hope to meet this goal sometime between April and June.

2. “Finish my vignette writing project.”

I’ve been talking to my mom about getting her started on her vision for editing and revising her writing, possibly through a shared blog, and so my plan is to work with her to set deadlines for ourselves and other strategies for getting it done, one of which is (gasp!) committing to sending the thing out to publishers, not because I think it stands a chance to actually get published, but more to keep the dream alive and force me to get it done. I actually think the process will be good for me to face my fears and realize it doesn’t matter at all if I get rejected; the process is what I will value the most.

3. “Spend some targeted time and energy re-vamping my approach to work.”

This has now evolved since I admitted to myself that I don’t want to be in this job forever. I vow to continue keeping the extra duties to a minimum, use my extra time in the spring to streamline prep for my two courses as they exist, but also try to develop a realistic five year exit plan. Steps include researching the specific logistics of my pension and reviewing/revising my savings goals, identifying other potential career paths, and looking into training programs if needed.

4. “Save and invest.”

I actually think the best way for me to save is to decrease my shopping and my need for shopping as an escape from stress and as a way to claim “me” time. Training for the half-marathon helped me see how there are lots of ways to find the same things that shopping gives me. I don’t plan on cutting it out entirely, but I do plan on cutting back significantly, starting right away. I have made progress on this goal already this year, but I think I can do even better.

5. “Be more mindful every day.”

There’s a mindfulness course a friend told me about that I’m interested in pursuing, and if it turns out not to be possible given my location or schedule or because of cost, I’m determined to practice it more in smaller, easily accessible ways. Like picking up those beading supplies I bought months ago and starting a project, for example, or working on some projects with Free that will help me tune into the present moment.

All of these goals will evolve as I go, but I’m determined to make them a reality, and I plan to use this blog space to keep me accountable. At the very least, I will do a monthly check-in to report to my blogmates and to review progress and challenges.

I’m excited about the new year and about what’s to come. Woo-hoo!

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2 Responses to Claire: Making it Happen

  1. kristen R. says:

    I like how you dove into each goal a little more deeply. That’s the way to make it happen. Nicely done, my friend! Congrats on Making It Daily! Looking forward to everyone’s recaps tomorrow!! Lots of love to you and I’m so proud of everything you’ve done this year — and I’m so thrilled at how this has helped me connect with you and Kristen more this year. It’s been a great ride!

  2. khpixler says:

    I have loved reading all of your work this year and getting to know you as I true friend. It seems weird that it is over. Happy New Year! We did it:)))

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