KHP – The Process of Learning

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As we wrap up this year of Making it Daily and begin a new, it is time to look back and lay out plans for the big spring forward for 2014. I am sitting here in front of my computer on New Year’s Day thinking of the difference in feelings from this year to last. Last year I was so excited and thrilled about the prospect of this process. I was thinking of all the projects I would create, the PR’s I would gain, how tight my abs would be by the end of the year and how mind-blowing my portfolio was going to end up. I was nervous about the creative writing aspect but I wondered how writing regularly would change my feelings towards it. I was not sure what to expect out of the ride but I had definite outcomes in mind.

This year was full of challenges from unexpectedly taking the very rigorous Online Academy, a lot of sickness for me and my family, my mother-in-law retired, my freelance work tripled, I started coaching, I taught a new class, and my sister-in-law lost a long battle against cancer. This is life, life happens around you goals, life fills in and is organic and we can only do our best to plan, schedule and morph along with the ebbs and flows. I guess as I get older I realize that we are just passengers on a boat ride and we can guide and direct but you never really know if a storm is going to hit or if you will end up in a rough rapid just hoping and praying you will come out on the other end.

Where did my boat take me on this stretch of water in 2013? Well I certainly had my share of rough rapids but I had a pretty fun ride too. I had a lot of moments and events that ran together in perfect sequence when things could easily have gone south. I may have not created the quantity of quality work I had planned on but I did create work that I am happy with. I see more of a vision into where I want to go creatively and conceptually.

As I moved through these past few years I have pushed myself, pushed the limits of what can be completed in a day and lived without sleep. What has come clear to me this year is that this not healthy to sustain for long periods of time. Sleep, rest and fun need to be part of our health plan. This last semester of the blog I have really forced myself to control my stress and try my hardest to take down time and sleep even if I don’t feel like I have time.

The boat took me down a windy stretch of river this year and feel deep down in my heart that 2014 will bring me to smoother waters. I am sure I will find myself in with crazy stretches but that is what keeps the ride interesting and at times fun.

What I got out of this year is really more than what I mentioned above. What I received is a forum to connect with women who I love. I got to keep up with their lives, their trials, and their joys. I was able to see them meet challenges, achieve their goals and meet challenges with grace, kindness and dignity. They helped me do the same. As I move forward into 2014. I want to keep this connection, to develop it further and nurture it.

As far as my art, photography, fitness goals are concerned. I have a few targets I would like to list.

  • I really want to start getting back into an integrated mixed media.
  • I would love to start creating a consistent body of work. I have some good beginnings from this year.
  • I would like to start a 365 photo a day for fun.
  • I want to continue analog drawing.
  • I will continue my yoga practice.
  • I will focus more on cross training.
  • I will work with the core, hamstring and hip exercises that my PT created for me.
  • I want to start climbing again.
  • I want train to do pull-ups again.
  • I want to run 3-4 days a week with a 3,5,8 routine. Focusing less on high mileage but more on correct form.
  • I want to spend time researching and gathering inspiration which is just as important to art than the creation.
  • I want to start creating work about concepts that are dear to my heart.

My last thought on this year and as we move forward into a new adventure, is to emphasize what a gift friendship is in our lives.  I feel so fortunate to have Claire and KR in my life.  All of our goals are secondary to the love and support we have for one another.  I see you both as a gift in my life.  I am so proud of you both.  You have inspired me, amazed me, brought tears to my eyes and filled my soul. For that I am eternally grateful.


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Freelance artist, photographer, illustrator, designer, athlete, wife and mom of two beautiful girls. Trying to make it daily.
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2 Responses to KHP – The Process of Learning

  1. wwwmama says:

    What a great wrap-up! You have done so much this year; it’s really amazing. I know you will continue to chase your goals, and I also wish that you find the stability and rest you also crave!

  2. Kristen R. says:

    You have another great year ahead! I loved reconnecting with you this year and this way. Great wrap up and I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds.

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