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Kristen R: What it means to be nearing 40

I’m sitting here at the computer on the eve of my birthday. I know this post will publish tomorrow and I just keep telling myself not to write about my birthday. But it’s my birthday. It feels like it must … Continue reading

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Claire: Birthday Blessings

Well, I’m now officially thirty-nine (for the first time). My birthday is always around Easter, so what I remember most about my early birthdays is chocolate. I loved those big Easter bunnies–solid ones you could gnaw on for ages and … Continue reading

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KHP – A Beginning

My husband turned 40 on Friday just a half a year before I cross over that line.  We have been together since we were in our early twenties.  We have negotiated many stressful times; we have supported each other through … Continue reading

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Kristen R: The Hamster Wheel

As tempting as it would be to write about running on a treadmill with a title like what’s above, that’s not what this post is about. Instead, it’s another birthday mention. A dedication to the man in my life: my … Continue reading

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Kristen R: It’s not all about me (sigh)

Today is a good day. No, I have not tackled any major running milestones. I haven’t had any amazing breakthroughs to share. Today it’s not about me at all, actually. It’s about my Mom. Today, she celebrates her birthday. It … Continue reading

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