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Kristen R: December Reflections No. 2 – The Art of Planning Your Runs

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is planning for my daily running. Sometimes, these plans just fall into place perfectly. Other times, well, life as a mom, wife, friend, daughter and someone susceptible to illness can put … Continue reading

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Kristen R: December Reflections – No. 1

I cannot believe the last month of 2013 has arrived. I keep saying to myself, “Finally, it’s here,” while also thinking, “December is here already?” It’s a strange, conflicting feeling. Never have I recorded pieces of my life in regular snippets as … Continue reading

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Kristen R: A working mom’s guilt, jealousy and Zen

I’ve had several tiny moments of Zen during the second week of our family’s change but, frankly, I’m not sure what to make of these moments. They come in waves: Pockets of peace and beauty, but they are conflicted with … Continue reading

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Kristen R: Training Week 4 – Deviating from the Plan

The end of this week feels so surreal and I know that trying to find the words to express my emotions will not do it justice. I didn’t intend to deviate from my training schedule this week. Life, as it … Continue reading

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Claire: Father’s Day: A Letter

Dear Newman, There must be a million ways to define a good father, and today, I count my father as one. He did the best he could to provide for me and my seven siblings, and I have memories of … Continue reading

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Kristen R: Leaning In and Running with the Bean

Earlier this week, I shared this great little moment with my six-year-old, the Bean. The weather was that right kind of in between – not quite warm, but not quite cold. Our family strolled down to the playground at the … Continue reading

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Kristen R: A Friday Quickie

I had every intention of running Thursday morning so that when I came home from work on Valentine’s Day, we could cook and drink wine and look through the notes and candy my girls’ received at school from their classmates. I … Continue reading

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