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Claire: Itchy Gymnastics

This week, there’s an issue that has been itching me. It’s been a minor itch for a while, but it’s getting itchier by the day. I have some growing reservations about Free’s gymnastics program, and I am not sure what … Continue reading

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Claire: In It

I’m sitting on an uncomfortable bench at my daughter’s gymnastics center. There’s no room on the uncomfortable benches in front of the window where you can attempt to find your child somewhere in the rainbow of leotards among the hundred … Continue reading

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Claire: Picking a Battle

Lately, I’ve been feeling maxed out at work. Everyone is antsy since the weather turned, and no-one particularly feels like getting much done. That goes for teachers as well as students, but it’s our job to motivate the troops, which … Continue reading

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Claire: Sports and Your 8 Year Old

I grew up in a rural community in Ireland, four miles away from the small village where I attended convent school. My family lived in a house that had been converted from a school house that had been shut down … Continue reading

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Claire: Bad Day/Good Day?

At what point does a day become a bad day or a good day? Are we always keeping a tally in our minds, weighing the incremental evidence until it’s clear the scales have tipped too far to be balanced? Or … Continue reading

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