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Claire: Practicing a Positive Perspective

I just finished reading The Four Agreements, by Miguel Angel Ruiz, which I would recommend to anyone who, like me, is working on being more mindful. Kristen’s post yesterday reminded me of the positive power of the first agreement. I … Continue reading

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Claire: In It

I’m sitting on an uncomfortable bench at my daughter’s gymnastics center. There’s no room on the uncomfortable benches in front of the window where you can attempt to find your child somewhere in the rainbow of leotards among the hundred … Continue reading

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Claire: Finding My Way

What is our job or duty when there is so much sadness and pain in the world? I asked Newman this question last week as we sat together in front of a campfire. I had been experiencing waves of sadness … Continue reading

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Claire: July Wrap-Up and Plan for August

Ever since I’ve been a high school teacher, July has been a month of detox; it’s when I learn to breathe again, relax, slow down, and let myself find a rhythm of life that is natural and centered on what … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry; Be Happy

I’m trying to be happy. Actually, I’m trying not to try┬áto be happy; I would prefer to simply notice and embrace any opportunities for joy that come my way. It seems, however, that I’m not very practiced at this. Here … Continue reading

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Kristen R: Parenting, happiness and (one reason) why I run

Earlier this week, I heard this snippet on NPR that discussed whether having children really makes people happier. It startled me. At first listen, they made the argument that people with children were less happy than those without — and … Continue reading

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