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Claire: The Ides of June

My productivity right now is very close to the zero point. After days of feeling under the weather, I took a turn for the worse late Sunday afternoon when my neck, which had been achy all week, started hurting so … Continue reading

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Claire: Nightmares

Tonight, as Free was in the tub, she wept as she told me how many things scare her. I worry that she will inherit my tendency toward anxiety, and I try to help her by reassuring her and giving her … Continue reading

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KHP – Heartstrings

Yesterday I received this Facebook message from one of my former high school students. “I was cleaning through my ‘Memory Box’ and found an old etching piece from your art class in 9th grade (self portrait- whew that was a … Continue reading

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Claire: Good Things

In my first year of teaching high school, when I first met Newman, I was completely overwhelmed with how very different high school teaching was from college teaching.  He took pity on me and recommended that I devote some time … Continue reading

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On Writing and Truth

I have one main goal in all of my writing. There’s a scene in the graphic novel Maus, Volume II where Art Spiegelman is complaining to his wife about all the challenges of his complex writing/drawing project, and she replies, … Continue reading

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