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Claire: Know Yourself and Share Yourself

I’ve been watching Ted Talks while at the gym, and I watched one the other day about vulnerability and its importance in finding real connections with others. I was thinking about that yesterday when, alone and crying in my car, … Continue reading

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Claire: Perspective

It’s all how you look at it, right? So this writing exercise is about shifting perspective: in this case, from  gloomy to glad. Curses I’m so tired that all I want to do is go to bed, but I haven’t … Continue reading

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Claire: Back to Work Survival Guide for Teachers

I’ve been officially back to work for a week now (three of those days were spent with students), and it’s safe to say that a) I’m in it, and b) I am surviving it. How is this possible, you might … Continue reading

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KHP – Hitting the Wall

Yesterday, I came home from my final art camp class in a fog. It was a busy week teaching art camp, Digital Darkroom, Digital Photography at the art council along with my regular college courses in Harrisburg. I submitted final … Continue reading

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KHP – Clarity and a Thank You to My Dear Blog-mates

In my post early this week I discussed how my life is about to go through a major transition from work at home mom, freelancer and adjunct professor to an unknown something.  My mother-in-law will be retiring and with that … Continue reading

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Claire: The Ides of June

My productivity right now is very close to the zero point. After days of feeling under the weather, I took a turn for the worse late Sunday afternoon when my neck, which had been achy all week, started hurting so … Continue reading

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KHP – Fairies Part 1 – Argh

I leave you with just a couple of images. I am struggling with my new series of Fairies and Giants. I need to get in a very whimsical mood quickly. In a little over a month I start teaching my … Continue reading

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